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Show highlights include: 

  • How to get the best ROI in your personal development journey today. (2:06)
  • How to stop being a stagnant dreamer and find growth in every moment. (5:20)
  • Why a purposeful and faithful life starts outside of the comfort zone.  (7:50)
  • The ‘Enough’ philosophy for destroying excuses and breaking through your barriers. (10:25)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): Hey there gang. Welcome to find your fierce so glad you are here. We are. Today's chat. We are continuing the series called ignite your fire, and that is exactly what we've been doing here. The past three weeks, that flame that is inside of you, it should be getting bigger and bigger and stronger and making progress as you're on the mission to be fired up, to walk with purpose each and every day before we dive in, though, I pray that you will join our set free book club that begins in August. I know so many of you have snagged your coffee, read the message of set free, but now we're going to be doing the work and digging a little bit deeper. As we know, we lock arms and joined forces and just get in the trenches here in the book club and just head on over to Jill Allen coaching.com, or if you feel led to be a part of the set free book club team, just reach out to me and I'll be sure to get back with you.

(01:21): So, but we're super excited about kicking that off. And if this is your first time popping in, we are talking about the fire that we have within, because I know that it is so needed and we take, you know, we're just taking the time to reflect and to drown out the noise and the chaos, and then the, everything that your day throws at you. And so we're being intentional and carving out that time so that we can gain some clarity and discover how we can live a life with freedom. And we talked about playing it safe and the potential that God gave you and how so much of your potential has gone untapped. And we touched on your uniqueness and your identity and who you truly are in Christ. And last week we broke the chains of all the strongholds that have been holding us back from all that you're being called to do and become.

(02:05): And now, today we are talking about how we evolve and that critical step of taking action. And so someone asked me this question awhile back, and it was like a gut punch and I absolutely loved it. And it really made me reflect. And it was the fact that God made an investment in you in me, everyone here. And so the question is, is he getting a good return on what he put into you? And you're like, right. You know, and it's like, I don't know, is he getting the best return? And you know, the fact that you're breathing and alive today, it means that God still has that investment in you and right. He believes in your potential and he knows the impact that you can make. And he sees exactly what you can do with all that he's given you. And, and all that is good.

(02:48): And, and I tell you why it is really, really good as to what his plan is for you. And so he's giving you more time to grow. Okay. And so that's how we got to like flip that script and really into that. It's like, okay, he's just given me more time to grow and evolve and, you know, emerge into, you know, he's calling us to be, and the fact that God's not done with us yet, right? Your full potential is still in the process of evolving into probably more than you could even imagine possible. Right. He knew exactly what he was doing when he put you right. Where your feet have been planted and where are you started? And it's like this perfect positioning. Right. He knew exactly what you was, was doing when you went through like all the pain and the trauma and the hardship and any type of darkness, maybe you're, you know, going through some of that stuff right now.

(03:34): But it's like, he was equipping us. He was fully equipping us through that process all for a time, like right now, like a time as this. Right. And he never gives you necessarily a dream. I saw a meme the other day on Instagram about how, and I don't even know it might've been, I don't know, some movie star that said that, but they said, who was it? Who's Matt Damon. Matt Damon. Okay. I'm like, wait a minute. Who posted this? I think it was Matt Damon. And he said that your dream never matches your current budget. And I'm thinking, okay, that is so true. But when I was thinking about that, I was like, I was thinking like, financially, you know, of all the dreams that we have, you know, it just doesn't necessarily match our budget financially. Right. Because he just never really gives us a passion that is on demand or immediately accessible or anything.

(04:22): That's easy for us. Right. He doesn't call you to a place that is like comfy and, you know, just like, oh, let me kick back. And you know, here you go, why don't you go over there and just take that comfortable route because the fact is, God knows what you can be and what you can evolve too. And it's going to be, so it is, it's not going to be, it is so much more than who you currently are right now. Right? So I don't want to like paint the vision or pink, the picture of that, you know, that you're slacking or lazy, or, you know, you're just kinda, you know, going through life and going through the motions and, you know, just barely getting by. But what I am saying is that you are evolving, we're transforming, we're changing, we're developing, developing us into something so much more, and we have the ability, and this is the fun part.

(05:11): This is the exciting part is that we have the ability to keep getting better. How awesome is that? So we also, with that being said, we also have the ability to just stay the same and to never grow and to just kind of be stagnant and just kinda, you know, maybe actually get worse, you know, because we just kind of fall to the wayside and we don't we fall short, but you will not be listening to this. If that was the case, you wouldn't be pouring in that time in and carving out time to better yourself with a podcast. So I know you're here because you want to live a bigger life and exactly what God is calling you to do. And so he uses, if you think about this, God uses everyone and everything in our lives to help grow us, to transform us and to develop us.

(05:55): And so I had recently I've had people tell me, Joe, you know, you're not the same, you've changed. And it's like, okay, guess what? That is like an awesome thing. You're right. I have, I have totally changed. And the old life has gone and a new life has begun. It's like you guide yourself. And you know, now we can, there's this new you, and there's this new season. And, and the thing of it is you're probably aren't who you used to be either. Right. And so you're like, oh good, thank goodness. Woo. Do you think back to a time in your life? And you're like, man, thank goodness I am out of that season. And so I got to ask you, do you really believe that people can truly change? And you know, that's always goes back and forth, but I really do believe with my whole heart that they can't, that people can change it because of the fact that God is not finished with you yet.

(06:38): He's not finished with me yet. And he's calling us into more and he's putting your, your heart and your mind and your feet, your soul onto this path that is so much bigger. And he's preparing us for things that our mind can even like grasp yet and can't even comprehend. So we remember our potential, you know, that we talked about there on week one, you know what he's dumped inside of you, all that untapped potential. And knowing that you're going to be on this up and down journey called life, knowing who you are going to become through that journey, through that process, nothing has been wasted in this process, every good experience, all of your wins, it's built you up, but every bad experience, all, all the things that you've gone through that like, just like the doom and gloom, it also took you through a process, but it was more of a refinement process, every pain and trauma and hurt and blessing and excitement, all of that, all part of you evolving into that person that has been there all along.

(07:35): And it's just now we're kind of awakening and just like really waking up to, wow. God has some big plans for you and me, but we have to do the work. We have a lot of work to do the impact that you are going to make. It's going to require you to take steps that you are being asked to take. So I got to ask you, are you being obedient? Are you taking the next step? Are you growing or staying the exact same as you are right now? Are you evolving? And while we don't know what that next step is or what, even, maybe even God is equipping us for, you might not have the current ability to, or the strength to do what you want to do at this exact moment, but you're willing to work to develop it. And the crazy part is is that you are the one, this is what's crazy is that we, you meet are the ones that are being developed, right?

(08:25): Where are the one that's, you know, a work in progress that we're under construction, the building process. That's the hard part. It's not going to be easy. And I always like, who wants easy anyway, right? Because it's so boring. And we haven't been called to easy street. We haven't been called to ease, but we've been called to more, more, love, more living, more potential, more kindness, more fierce faith, more action, more courage, more boldness, more taking risks and changes and like more surrender. Like how awesome is that? I love that one more surrender. Oh my gosh. And a lot of it right now all may seem like it's out of reach because it's way outside your comfort zone. It's outside of where you can see, it might be outside of our budget. It might be outside of our skills. It doesn't match, but we need to get comfortable being uncomfortable when it comes to our mission in life.

(09:22): And so that's what I'm saying. Like it might not always meet our budget, but that budget doesn't necessarily mean finance. It means skills and just that belief and all that good stuff that, you know, God is like saying, okay, come on, let's move forward. Let's grow. Let's change. Let's get better. Let's give ourselves permission for life, a bigger life, all that I've given you. So we've got to stop looking side to side or taking inventory or comparing or making a long list of the wants and the wishes. And, and then believe that you're coming up short. We need to be faithful with what you currently have and he's going to make it into more than enough. I want to repeat that again, right? Because we focus on so much of what we necessarily don't have. But imagine if we flip the script and we focus on what we currently have, and we are faithful with what we currently have, and this is the truth, the word says, right, he's going to make it into more than enough.

(10:19): He's preparing us for something more than you can ever dream or imagine or vision, but why are we not believing that? Is it fear? Is it trust or lack of faith? Not thinking that you're enough, right? That you've, maybe you've messed up so many times before that there's no possible way that God would be investing more into me. Is it because your plate is too full or your hands so full, that there's no possible way to even grasp it or even think it's possible or that there is more purpose for you. More breakthroughs, more clarity, more discipline, more strength, more courage for you. Do you feel like you don't have enough hands? And so the thing is, is like, what excuses do you have? Are your excuses so good that you don't want to release them? We're holding, like we're holding onto them so tight or white knuckling.

(11:03): It that you can't grab a hold of what God is wanting to give you or what he's asking for you to do. And so what are these excuses that are causing you to miss out and not take action or the first step? Do you think that you're not good enough that you don't know enough that you don't have enough, that you can't do enough? That you're not enough? When is enough enough? When is enough for you enough to settle or when is enough, enough to be enough to take action or move forward and live the life that you're being called to live? I don't know about you, but I don't want to live life or to live a life. That's just enough, just enough to get through my days. There has to be a day or a moment a time where you just say, okay, enough, like this is enough.

(11:45): I can't take it anymore. You know, when you tell or ask your kids to do something and they don't respond, I don't know about you, but I've got five kids. And I have a bit of experience in that. I love them, but you know, just sometimes they, you know, they don't listen. And so what we do is we nudge them again and we ask them again. And then they, of course, they ignore you. And then they give you an excuse. You ask them again. And they continue to leave the socks on the floor or the peanut butter on the knife. Or they continue to fight with their brothers and sisters. And then there's just like, one day you lose it. You just lose it and you start going crazy. And then they look at you as like, why are you crazy? It's like, because I've had enough.

(12:21): I'm like, I can't take it anymore. And so we're like this with our kids. And so I got to ask you, do you think God is like that our father, because we're daughters of the king, do you think God is like that with us? He's probably sick of our excuses. Tired of us not being obedient, not taking action, missing out on the opportunities. He has aligned perfectly for us. And he's exhausted of all the lies that we tell ourselves in the fact that we're settling for less. Okay. So I want today to be that wake up call so that we drop the excuses and pick up what God has for you and me. And so enough is enough. You are enough receive, he's saying, receive what I am giving you. It's a gift. And then I want you to run with it. Think about that.

(13:06): Enough is enough. I want to tell you again, guys, you are enough receive that today, receive that today. Here's some questions I want you to reflect on this week. I love the fact now that I might kind of switch it over to some of these questions at the end. I hope you guys are grabbing a hold of it. Journaling, grab a pen and paper. It's amazing what God can download in your hearts. When we just kind of like slow down and S you know, actually it makes us a better mom and wife and friend, and, you know, career woman, all that good stuff in terms of a personal development and leadership. And we need to be able to take that time and fill our heart up with what God has for us. Okay. So here are the questions I want you to reflect on what excuses are you holding on to, and are you willing to let them go?

(13:52): What will you take action on today right now that the Lord is guiding you to take? And the question is, are you willing to do the work to evolve? And we can even take it one step further. And the question is, what will that work be? What does that work look like for you? Okay. So I'm just so glad that you guys are here and I hope this is home for you and bringing that fire into your day into your life. And so I just want to have a reminder that my book's set free. You can grab it on Amazon, check that out. And I so want you guys to join the set free book club as we walked through that journey together in August. And so you can find that link at Joe Allen, coaching.com, find us just on Facebook to set free book club and join us.

(14:35): Invite your friends, gather your friends, host, you know, like a small gathering at your home or your church. It would absolutely be amazing because you're part of that movement. And I so appreciate you and everything that you do and who you are. And, you know, just thank you for sharing this with everyone. And I want you to save the date of September 18th, because the next gathering is the wilderness. And you do not want to miss it because it is an overnight, yes, we are camping. And it's going to be exactly what you are needing in your life at that exact perfect time. So heads up on the next episode, we are kicking off actually the new series next week called the wilderness. And so I want you to come back, plug in and join us. And so please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media, if you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know, someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time, beef it be fierce, be unstoppable. See ya.

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