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The universe is all about laws.
They either work for you.
Or against you.
In the real world, you’ve got Gravity and other laws.
Online – you got the law of income.
It’s a 3-part law which explains why 2% of all Internet marketers make about 97% of all Internet income.… READ MORE

I’m jewish.
Born and raised in Ukraine I was the outsider.
Once I even had to beat up a kid in my class for racial slurring at my expense.
I’ve been dealing with racists my whole life.
But ever since my family moved to Israel on June 1st, 2000, things got even worse.… READ MORE

Any rookie email marketer will tell you that your subject line is key to high open rates.
Well, actually, its not.
Subject line is important…
But it’s the 2nd most important thing.
Discover the 1st most important thing when it comes to getting higher open rates and more sales with your emails.… READ MORE

If you’re a coach, mentor or you’re just trying to recruit high quality people into your business, you’re probably bumping against a pesky problem.
There’s just not enough hard-working action-takers around, are they?… READ MORE

The internet changed a lot.
But it didn’t change a thing when it comes to making money.
It’s just another media.
The persuasion principles never changed.
Because human nature hasn’t changed.
The way you close a sale today is the same way you’d do it in 1912.… READ MORE

Money’s kind of like sex.
The more you chase it, the more it eludes you.
Most people I know put money on a pedestal like it’s some kind of unicorn.
They believe they have to work really hard and really long to make it show up in their space.… READ MORE

This episode features a living copywriting legend John Carlton.
John’s a ragged old dawg in the game of persuading others to open up their hearts and wallets from a distance.
He’s also world’s most ripped off copywriter.… READ MORE

The new episode of LBLS talks about the “breaking point” of my Internet marketing career, my personal motivation rituals and my way of dealing with the fear of failure which never fails me.… READ MORE

Miles Segers was a very successful real estate investor in Philadelphia during the US real estate boom.
Life was going really well.
He just quit corporate America, because his job kept getting outsourced, and the prospect of the next 5-10 years in real estate was prominsing.… READ MORE

The only constant in internet marketing is change.
Marketplaces change.
Traffic sources change.
Offers change.
Software and tools change.
Clients change.
These changes will challenge you constantly.… READ MORE

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