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Show highlights include:

  • Why being an eternal optimist gets you through tough market times (2:34)
  • How having a winning mindset lets you pick the right stocks (3:37)
  • The “Acceptable Loser Method” that puts you in winning financial positions (6:58)
  • Why complaining ruins your portfolio (and how you can change that today) (8:47)
  • How making negative decisions derails your bank account (10:27)
  • Why thinking “I'll do better next time” hurts your nest egg (12:38)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): Lo hybrid buddy. This is Harold Green of Brightree financial group. And it is time to stop doing what you hate. I I hope you are having a fantastic day today. We're here in Hawaii and it's just, it's been an it's been an amazing day and just really excited to be sharing with you guys today's show titled creating a winning environment. That's where I creating a winning environment. Always like to share a little bit about what's been happening with me and, you know, what's been going on with you know, in my life and pretty transparent about things. And so I think it was about a couple of weeks ago when everything was just going to hell in a hand basket, and everybody was just saying the world's gonna come to an end and it was tough.

(01:10): And it, and I was doing everything I could, I was doing everything I knew, but yet it was like I was stepping in and landmines and everything was blowing up around me. And it wasn't because of anything that I was doing wrong. It was just because of the environment that we are in. So I, I said to myself, you know what, dude, you know what you're doing, keep doing what you're doing. You're making the right decisions. And then things are gonna turn around. And then when things turn around, it's gonna be amazing. And so I stayed, the course stayed the course. And finally, I just said, you know what? I, I already set, you know, I already let the match to the dynamite and I just need to wait for the, the fuse to run its course. And then boom, showing up things turn around.

(01:51): But you know, now we're here, we're here, back here again. And so one of the things I want to talk about is creating a winning environment and what's going on in our country right now is really getting to me because man, I don't see enough people wanting to create a winning environment. It's almost like they're trying to create a losing environment on purpose. And it really bothers me because so many people are buying into that. It's just a shame and is extremely frustrating. If you're a hardworking person, you do the things that you need to do and you're diligent. And yet you look at all these headwinds and you're looking at all these problems that are being created unnecessarily. And so I want to talk to you folks today about what you can do to create and maintain a winning environment. Because quite frankly, that's how you get through anything and life with something called.

(02:46): I heard this guy say it yesterday. He said it was eternal optimism. You know, his attitude is things are gonna work out. Things are always gonna work out. Things are always gonna be better than they are right now. As long as things line up and you do the things that you need to do. So we're gonna talk about creating a win environment because it's very important. And it's one of the things that I did with my kids when they were growing up. And so many people ask me like, oh my God, you're so lucky. Oh my God, your kids are so successful. Oh my God, like, what did you guys do? Oh my God. Like, what's so special about out your kids and they must be geniuses. And I said, what are you talking about? Only thing we did with them was we used common sense and we created a winning environment.

(03:29): And what does that look like? What does a winning environment? Are you ready? 1, 2, 3. Let's get it. So the first rule of creating and maintaining a winning environment, it starts with a mindset. You must number one, create and maintain a winning mindset. Now this is probably stuff you've already heard before. And you probably wondering why I keep talking about like this self-help stuff, right? Because I'm gonna do a little will show later on down the road, titled mind problems or money problems. And this is a big one mind problems or money problems. And I'll give you a little sneak peek. A lot of people with money problems is not necessarily a money problem. It's how they think. And it's how they seek things in their mind. It's, it's almost like mental problems. And I may have a guest on the show talking about all the challenges that people face in terms of how they think with their money and the, the actions that they take.

(04:33): Man, this is extremely crazy, but what we'll get into that, but it starts with a mindset. How do you see often in life? Do you see yourself as being able to achieve things or do you see yourself as being like, Hey, I wasn't born with this. Hey, I wasn't born with that. Hey, you know, you know, I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Hey, you know, my parents were alcoholics or Hey, you know, I was bullied. Hey, you know, I faced racism. Hey, you know, I was dumped 10 times by 10 different girls. Hey, you know, I'm divorced. And my wife, because my wife cheated on me. There's a lot of things in life that will cause you heartache and things that will cause you concern and things that will cause you a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. And those things will also cause you to digress into a losing mindset where you say to yourself, man, that doesn't seem like anything can go, right.

(05:30): For me, nothing is going right. For me, nothing will ever go, right? For me, things are always going wrong. And it seems like there's always one thing bad happening after another. And it all starts with the mindset. Either you believe you can win or you believe you're just gonna always lose. And that is a negative situation that constantly feeds itself. It it's like a negative feedback loop, right? The car breaks down. This happens. That happens. It's just bad things happening all the time. It's because of the law of attraction. And proverb says very clearly as a man think of in his heart or a woman or boy or girl, I as a person thinketh in his heart. So is he, as you think in your heart, so are you, and if you think you're never gonna be able to win, guess what? You are not gonna win.

(06:31): You're gonna constantly lose all the time. But it starts with creating a win mindset. And the winning mindset says, yes, I can overcome. Yes, I could pursue overtake recover all. Yes. This is a short term setback. Yes. I know next time it's gonna be different. However, that is, as long as you are taking the appropriate steps, what do I mean by that? You can't constantly think you're gonna be a winner, acting like a loser. And this is point number two. When I was raising my kids, I told 'em, you're not gonna win. 'em All you can think you're gonna win. 'em All, but you're not gonna win. 'em All. So I said, losing is acceptable, but being a loser is not because you're not gonna win. 'em All. You're gonna prepare to win everything there is to win, but are you gonna win? Absolutely. Every deal you ever set your, you know, set at the table at, are you gonna win every sale or close every deal that you get on the phone or every client that comes in your office or every, are you gonna close?

(07:31): Every single thing every single time. No, nobody backs a thousand percent. Nobody. Right? Sometimes you're gonna strike a out. But does that make you a loser? No. Losing is acceptable, but being a loser is not. Now. Let's talk about what a loser is. Cuz we are not about that. Losing wheel about that. Winning someone who displays a pattern of self-defeating actions. I consider that person a loser or they have a loser mentality be done inside. They're born to be a winner. However, their actions are constantly making them losers. Someone who displays a pattern of self defeating actions. Now here's the thing about this. If we are preparing, we are all presented with opportunities to succeed in and win and life. We all are. The rain shines on everyone, the rich and the poor, the sun shines on everyone. The rich and the poor. There is no special sun for the rich people over here.

(08:35): And then it dims for the poor. Nah, it don't work like that. But people who constantly display a, a pattern of self-defeating actions, they're acting like losers. Another definition is somebody I think who constantly complains all the time, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, like complaining is like the worst thing you can do. And I have to grab myself a lot of times because yeah, I fall into the complaining trap and you know what, here's what I found. The reason why I complain sometimes is because I'm tired. I notice that when I'm really tired, I get negative. My battery is drained. And I start to say things that I probably shouldn't be saying. I start to think things. I probably shouldn't be thinking because I'm tired. And you know, Bible talks about the, the devil rooms around like a, like a lion seeking whom he can destroy.

(09:27): And if you think about lions in the jungle, guess what? They're going after the weak, as animal. So being tired, we'll make you weak. And it will a, you susceptible to losing. I'm gonna put that out there. So if you're tired, you gotta figure out how to get untied because it can cause you to start acting and doing self-defeating things that will turn you into a loser real fast, but complaining, man, I hate to hear people complaining, complaining, complaining, because when you try to provide a solution, guess what? They ain't trying to hear all that. They're just interested in dumping and getting that stuff out there. Somebody who's always unwilling to be corrected. That's loser right there. I talk to a lot of people and I can tell right away if they're displaying self-defeating behavior or they're acting like a loser, I can tell right away the first or three minutes, as, as we go through a conversation, I can tell, you know, which way this thing is gonna head the first two or three minutes of the conversation.

(10:22): Sometimes it's the first minute by the first thing they say, but you gotta be careful with that. And, and here's why I'm sharing with you folks, all this stuff, because this is a financial show. And I think the number one that can derail your finances is some sort of min or emotional decision. Something that involves the mind. And here's why I'm saying this because I want you to be tremendously wealthy and tremendously successful, but I don't want it being derailed by the things that go on in your mind. You look at these guys who run these corporations, making hundreds of millions of dollars, tens of million hundred dollars, billions of dollars for their corporation. And what do they do? Sometimes they fall into these various unsavory situations and you're just like, wow, wow. How did that happen? Well, it wasn't overnight. It was a slow eroding, gradual erosion of standards, a gradual slow erosion of morals, things like that.

(11:25): And it just culminates into boom and suddenly Proverbs talks about that. And Proverbs seven, it talks about this guy, you know, who was like walking through the street. And this lady, her husband had took a journey. You know, he was gone and she was like, yo, my man is gone and why don't you come have some fun? And it talks about with much enticing. She persuaded him and caused him to overcome his conscience and his fear of doing the wrong thing. And then boom dude is done, right? So you gotta be careful what you're feeding yourself and what you're listening to. Again, this is a money show, but the mind, and I'm giving you guys a sneak preview can mess up your money. Now we're talking about creating a winning invite. Ima losers are always screwing stuff up. Why? Because they think they're just the stuff.

(12:18): They, they think that, Hey, you know what? Like this is who I am. This is what I wanna do. And then boom, it breaks. And it's like, oh, now they're now. They're just like, wow. And you, you feel sorry for 'em but you just gotta move on. And I'm saying this because I want you to create a winning environment for yourself into a avoid these self-defeating things that people end up doing that causes them to be losers. Number three, avoid the guilt train of wanting and doing better. I hear this all the time, right? And I was guilty of this. Like I would mess up or, you know, I would miss the mark or, you know, I would eat something bad when I'm supposed to be eating good or I would drink too much and be like, okay, you know what? I'll just fix this next day.

(12:57): I'll do better next time. And that was my excuse to keep falling back into things that, that were hurting my performance. When the opportunities showed up as like you've been preparing all your life to be a professional baseball player and you get, you go through the process, you make it to the major leagues and then boom, you develop like say a substance abuse problem. And now like you're starting, you're doing well. And then boom, you develop this problem. And now it's hurting your performance to perform during your opportunity. Creating an a winning environment says that you're gonna dedicate yourself to being the best you can be when the lights come on, when it's time to perform, because opportunity is the way to wealth, right? Opportunity is gonna show up for you. And the way you build your wealth is you stack winds on top of winds, right?

(13:55): You stack winds on top of wins on top of wins. You can't become wealthy stacking losses, right? You going the other way, you gotta stack wins on top of wins and on top of wins and you gotta celebrate these wins right in the appropriate season and the appropriate time. Now you gotta avoid the guilt train of wanting and doing better. Now here's the thing. Sometimes it's okay, you gonna mess up. But when you do, you just gotta get up and get back at it when you miss it. But you can't do that just like right away. You gotta think about why you missed it. You gotta think about what caused you to do that. Because if not, you're just gonna fall back into a pattern of like, you know, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, you know, it's the same thing over and over again.

(14:39): You're gonna fall into this vicious cycle, which I call a slum. And if you're not operating in a winning environment, you're operating in a losing environment and you're never gonna get to where you really want to be. This was a little bit of a self-help today, but it's something that I wanted to put out there because commonly, when I work with clients, the number one thing that causes the money problems is the decisions that they make with their mind. And we'll get into that little bit later on, on, I just wanted to share this folks with you guys, share this with you folks today. And you know, the economy is what it is. They're talking about raising rates even more, they were talking about a soft landing to the economy, a soft landing. And now they're talking about maybe we can't have a soft landing and you know, a lot of this is done for politic reasons.

(15:31): It has nothing to do with inflation in and of itself. It has a lot to do with how it appears politically. And it's sad because anytime you start to do things like that, you're gonna hurt a large segment of the population. And so if you are a person with money and you don't want to end up loo losing your money because of stupid decisions and policies that people make, we have to come up with a game plan. We have to develop a plan and we are not talking about sitting everything in cash forever and waiting for all the, the, the storms to blow over, right? That'll help you sleep at night, but the way money works is you have to constantly find, find places to put your money to work. And it's probably not gonna be sexy. If we go into an extended downturn, it's not gonna be pretty, but you want to be making something on your money all the time.

(16:24): You don't wanna be losing all of it, but you wanna be making something on your money all the time. So we gotta create a plan in order to do that. Now, if you're not a, a client yet, do me a favor, go click in the show notes and look at, get on my schedule, set a meeting with me. And then we want to talk about where you are, where you wanna be in the next 5, 10, 15 years, or whatever that looks like for you. What kind of goals and dreams you have, how to best come up with a game plan and know order to accomplish that stuff that you know, that's absolutely free at the moment. Okay. And it's not gonna cost you anything. You're gonna just on my schedule except for an hour or so of your time. So I, I think it's still free.

(17:01): I'm not sure, but because I said it, I'll give it to you this time for free. So looking forward to talking to you, if you're not yet a client, if you are a client, thank you very much for hanging in there with me, you know, watching the comp grow and watching us grow. And so right now we're in a little bit of a pickle in regards to growth. And it's like I started Brightree three years ago and actually 19 2019 and we're in 2022. So it, so we, we haven't yet hit. I don't even think we hit we hit three years yet. It, so I think September will hit three years this year and it's like a toddler. And that, that toddler is growing. And the thing about when you set up certain types of companies, they're gonna grow and you can't, and you can't stop their growth, you can destroy it, but you can't, you can't stop the growth because it's, it's gonna grow.

(17:53): You feed it. It's it's gonna grow. And that's the kind of firm that we've built. It's just gonna constantly grow if we do the things that we need to do. And so I'm looking at bringing in more people and working on that strategy right now, in order to be able to, to handle the, the massive amount of, of the increase that you know, the company is, is seeing in terms of assets, under management and different things like that. And so I just wanna thank my clients. Thank you for hanging in there. Thank you for referring people lot to me. And I'm just, just super grateful for that. And so looking forward to talking to you folks, if you're not a client yet, get on the schedule and let's have a conversation, but gotta create that winning environment. And so go out there and do that. Start it implement it. Let's win, not lose until next time everybody. 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

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