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Show highlights include:

  • How having a panic attack at 2 AM lets you pick stock market winners (5:04)
  • Why buying stocks based on PE ratios skyrockets your wealth (8:01)
  • The “Bucket Concept” that splits up your portfolio to net you cash today and ten years from now (10:25)
  • Why taking a mental break during hard times forces you to increase your capacity (and how that lets opportunities find you to invest in today) (13:00)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): Oh, LOI everybody. This is Harold Green, a bright financial group. And it's time to stop doing what you hate, man. I hope you are having a fantastic week and that everything is going well in your life and that you are on top and rising and getting better and better and better. Every man. I'm glad to be here sharing today's show with you all. And I'm just gonna give you the title real quick. It's what to do in hard times. Now, this is not what you think it's about. All right, so today's show it's gonna be a quick hitter. It's gonna be like jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, and then I'm out. And so I wanna talk a little bit about my week. It's been very interesting. A lot of stuff has been going on. Some, some good things, some tough things I'll share with you.

(01:15): A couple of wins. And the first one is my daughter got into you, C Berkeley grad school for architecture. It's basically a city planning master's degree. And man, she's done a phenomenal job. She also got into Michigan's planning master's program. She got into Rutgers planning program. So we're pretty excited. So she has her, her choice of pretty much what she wants to well wants to do. She can pretty much write her ticket. And that's what I told her a long time ago. You know, all these things that you're going through and it it's gonna pay off. The hard work is gonna pay off while you're grinding and grinding. And everybody's out there partying and, you know, boyfriends, girlfriends, clubbing, and all this bull crap in the end, you're gonna have a lot to show for. So she just kinda shared some of the things that was happening, whether, or I said, you know, people gonna hate on you cuz they didn't do what they supposed to do, but you did what you're supposed to do.

(02:12): So that's why you win in right now. So gonna celebrate that, win with her and super excited. The other thing is this is a, a very interesting one. I always talk to you folks about opportunity, opportunity, opportunity. When you work hard and you and you grind and you put yourself in position, opportunity will find you. And it talks about en Psalms goodness and mercy show. Follow me all the days of my life. I'm telling you, opportunity will hunt you down. You don't gotta chase. If you do the right things, money's gonna chase you. So someone gave me a phone call the other day, sent me a text and they said, yo, I wanna throw your name in the ring to manage a huge sum of money for an organization it's being managed by somebody right now. We don't like how that's going. And so we're thinking about splitting everything up, giving you part, letting them managed part and we'll we'll see.

(03:10): So I was excited about that opportunity and I still am excited about it, but quite frankly, I'm just, I'm thankful for it and it's not like I need it, but somehow it just, it fell me based on all of the grinding and all of the hard work that I've been putting in. And if you're a client, I wanna say thank you very much for being on board with me. And I know right now things are just kind of crazy, but hang in there, hang in there. We will get to where we are going, but you know what up to times don't last but tough people do. So y'all ready. Are you ready? 1, 2, 3. Let's get it tough times. Don't last tough people do. Y'all heard that before. Take it however you want it. What makes somebody tough? I don't know. I mean, are they strong mentally?

(03:59): Are they strong physically? Like when you think about somebody being tough, like what do you, I think about back in high school when I wrestled, when I played football and I played against guys who went to the NFL, like those guys was like 18 years old, 17 years old, but they were like, like they had the power of like five grown men. I mean, these were some bad dudes now. They were tough physically. And a lot of them were tough mentally because in order to play football at a high level, you've got to be mentally tough. And in tough times it can break you. Right? Bob talks about the, the spirit of a man shall sustain him. Like, you know, your spirit, like what kind of spirit do you have? And I want to talk about what to do in hard times. This is gonna be very interesting.

(04:52): And so I'm gonna break it down. I don't always talk about finances in my show, but today it's gonna be a mixture of finances and some other things and so buckle up. Let's get it. So I wanna talk about where we are right now. As of today, this is in we're in March, the FM O C is gonna meet next week and they're gonna figure out, and by the time you hear the show, it's not gonna already be done. So I don't know what's gonna happen. But I'm optimistically excited. I woke up this morning at two o'clock and I gave myself a panic attack. I'm telling you I woke up and I was like, dude, it's two o'clock. It's like two o'clock. I was like, ready to get it. So my heart started beating real fast and I'm like, why are you having a panic attack?

(05:36): Like, boy, go get some water, then sit down somewhere. So I was like, I haven't had a panic attack. And like you years, I'm talking about like years and years and years. And so I went to the kitchen, got some water. I, I tried to go back to bed and it was like, yo, it's like three o'clock now. Like, so what, so I got up, went in the, the living room, got some more water. And I said, I know what I'll do. I'll lay in the sofa and listen to a podcast show. So I laid in the sofa and I started listening to a podcast show and it was very interesting what the podcast show was. And it, it was just very interesting. And so, and it, I just laid there and I tried to go back to sleep and then finally four 30, I just said, dude, just get up.

(06:15): So I got up and went to, I got up and washed my wife's car and then I went to Starbucks and I got my coffee and then I started trading, but I did my like daily devotional thing first. And then I like, I started trading and I didn't trade a lot because the kind of market we're in right now. I mean, it's almost like you're caught in no man's land, if you're not careful. Right. Do you, you got cash is like, do you buy now? Or, or do you rotate some more to cash? And then like, when do you, like, when do you pounce? Like when do you, when do you jump? When do you buy or do you just sit there and cash and you wait and I'm excited because I know that in these tough times in the market, they it's presenting buying opportunities in certain.

(06:57): And so I got up and I even started buying last night because I just, I just had this thing, like, yo, something's about to happen. I don't know what, but something's about to happen. Now, all investments do carry risk of loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Go do your own due diligence, understand your risk tolerance before you us money. You gotta understand that stuff. And at the same time, like, yo, I'm excited. So I started buying more stocks last night. I started, I got my list. I know what I want. And I do the same thing for my clients. I know what I want. And I know what I gotta jump out of. And I know when, like when the ride is over, it's time to move a little bit and it's time to rotate. And sometimes I'll rope rotate the cash and weight.

(07:39): But right now I'm starting to nibble back in nibble back in. I haven't, I haven't lightened up the, the tech positions that I'm in, cuz I'm, I'm liking them. And here's why I think there that if there's one industry and this is in my heart, like, and I got technicals to kind of back this stuff up, well, I can't say kind of, I have to back it up because that's what I do for a living. So I have technical, they got charts, I got fundamentals. And the fundamentals of these stocks have not changed one bit. They're not struggling to find employees. They're not struggling to make money. The revenues are constantly trending up. Even in this high inflationary period, these companies are making money. And I'm gonna tell you the secret to that in a minute. And it's not just, you know, a secret that I know, but it's just a fact something that I've uncovered.

(08:30): And, and I I've, I've had to look at this in my, in my own life and I'll talk about it in a minute. And I think it's very important. Like where are we right now? What cycle are, are we in? Are we, are we in a recession? Like, are we in a market correction? Are we in a bear market? Like where are we? And I honestly think based on what I see in certain stocks, certain stocks are in bar bear territory. They're like 30, 40%, some 60, 70%, depending on which you're hanging onto like Bitcoin, I'm not even gonna get into Bitcoin cuz everybody's, they, they hype Bitcoin. Then it, it ramps up. Then it trades down. I mean, it's just like going sideways. So I'm not even gonna get like get into Bitcoin. And I try to tell people, people, Bitcoin is a commodity cuz there's only so much of it.

(09:17): Right. And commodities can be very volatile right. Or volatile either way it moves, left and right up and down real fast. Okay. So I think based on what I see in certain stocks, they're in a, they're in a correction. Some of them are jumping back and forth between being in bear, mark it and then being in, you know, correction territory. And basically 10% of more being down is correction territory being down 20% of more and you know, sustaining that is like bear market territory. So some of these stocks, they're like, you know, they're trading sideways and bear market, meaning they're down 20%. So it's like, they go down 25, go up like, you know, 10 back down to 25 back down 30. So you just kind of like, you know, like you're marking time. You're not really going anywhere. So with those kinds of stocks, like you gotta know when to like cut your losses, cut your bait and then take that cash and reposition it somewhere else.

(10:06): But I'm excited about this tech because nothing's really changed in tech. Everybody's beating up on tech like, oh yo, those PE ratios are high. Why are you buying stocks with high PE ratios priced to earning ratios? Because, because these stocks are the real winners and people, you know, there's a war going on between main street and wall street, like the retail investors. And then the wall street investors for me, I feel like I'm more of a retail investor managing my clients' money and a retail investor mindset. But I gotta do it professionally because I'm a fiduciary. So I just can't go load up on like AMC and game stop and all this stuff. I can't like do stupid stuff like that. Right. You know, I'm not saying it's stupid. But like if you're gambling with somebody's retirement and they're retired, that's kind of stupid. Right?

(10:56): You could gotta make educated decisions when you're investing people's money. You can't be like, yo you know, this is hot. I'm gonna buy this, this hot. It's gonna pop. And then it crashes and it's like, yo dude, now you're gonna lose your license. You know? So we gotta look at the stuff and we gotta figure out, all right. So where are we supposed to be right now? Where is your portfolio? Like right now? Are you cash? Are you commodities? Are you tech? Are you staples? Like, are you financials? I mean, I study a lot of this stuff and I hear all this stuff on TV. What everybody's saying, everybody has their favorite like sector, like one guy come on and he'll be like, yo financials, financials, interest rate. So rising, Financial's gonna make money. And then somebody else comes on and says, no, no commodities, no, no staples value.

(11:46): And so people are like, what the hell do we do? And here's what you need to do in this market. You have to reevaluate your portfolio and split this thing up money that you need in one to five years, money that you'll need in five to 10 years and money that you'll need in 10 to 15 years. And then figure out where to put that money in proportion to what you are going to need. It's called a bucket concept, the bucket strategy. I use it in the rapid retire program. And if your long term bucket is full of tech stocks and stuff like that, here's what you gotta do. You gotta rotate to the, the tech stocks that have, you know, great cash flow, great balance sheets, low debt, things like that. So you gotta understand what you're holding, not just like any kind of tech, because if you look at Kathy Woods's portfolios, man, they're taking a beating and everybody's like laughing at her and saying like, ah, you know, but I think the woman is pretty smart.

(12:40): I also think that right now they are taking a beating, but a lot of 'em are holding their positions. But a lot of the people in there are jumping ship. They've lost faith. They're like, yo, I'm out on do something else and understand that. But that's what you have to do right now in this market. Right. But I wanna talk, jump back to what to do in hard times. Right? Cause this is very important because I'm not talking about what to do when you're going through hard times. I'm talking about what to do when times around you are hard. Right. And one of the things that came to me and it's it's correlated and I thought, man, I was telling a friend yesterday. I said, yo, I don't like turning anybody away. I said, but I'm getting to the point where I don't think I can handle any more clients.

(13:30): Now. I don't know if I ever thought I would say that to myself or say that out loud in a million years. I remember back in 2012, I was having lunch with a friend and they're taking me out for my birthday. I think it was 2012, somewhere around there, maybe a little bit late in that. And I was like, yeah, you know, can't get clients and, and this and that. He said, you know what? You gotta create value. You have to create massive value for people. And then you'll get clients, you'll get more clients she can handle. And I was like, yeah, but yo, and then eventually here's what I had to do. I had to increase my capacity. What is capacity capacity? Basically, it's an economic term in economics. It's like production, like sustained productivity in order to generate a product of service.

(14:12): Right? How much can you produce? And a gonna tell you right now, like if you're not producing the level of finances that you need to produce, then you have to increase your capacity. And I'm gonna talk about another show a little bit later on some, some biblical topics that I really want to get into about enlarging your capacity and enlarging your territory. But I had to increase my capacity and I'm at that point in game where I'm scratching like a rubber band. And I feel like I'm about to fricking pop and I have to go and increase my capacity even more. But like, yo, I'm tired. Yo I'm like this, I got this going on. I got that going on. And what I come to realize is when you increase your capacity, you're able to handle those things even more. So why do you need to increase your capacity?

(15:03): Because in hard times, that's when you grow, that's when you become successful. That's when you successful. It's in hard times, everybody's selling, right? People are selling, they're scared. They need capital. They overleverage themselves. They overcom committed themselves. They thought they were increasing their capacity by taking foolish risk. But that's all they were doing is taking foolish risk. They were not taking faith through risk. They were taking foolish risk because they just went out their head long and they were not increasing their capacity the right way. So how do we increase our capacity the right way? How do we increase what we can handle the right way? Well, I think it starts by sitting down and underst standing. Why you must increase your capacity. First of all, is it necessary for you to increase your capacity and for the most part in hard times, yes.

(16:00): You're gonna have to be able to handle a little bit more or maybe even a lot more than you're handling right now. So the first thing you gotta do is sit down and understand why you need to do it. Second thing you need do is sit, go take a mental break a little time off, take a breather, do whatever you need to do to reset yourself to re-energize yourself and to kind of like just, just chill, right? And think about the mission that you're gonna be on because you may need to gobble up some more things. Maybe people are gonna be bringing deals to you. Things that were not even on the table a year or two ago, but in hard times, people get desperate. And when people get desperate, they do crazy stuff, right? They unload property. They shouldn't be unloading. They sell stocks, they shouldn't be selling.

(16:41): They get rid of businesses. They shouldn't be getting rid of. There's going to be some opportunity coming down the road. And I'm excited about that for you. I'm not so happy about it for the people that are gonna be losing the off because they, their planning is not done the right way. I'm not, I'm not happy about that at all, but I'm happy for you because you're listening to me. And if we're working together as a client and planner team, right, then we can prepare you a lot better to take advantage of the opportunities they're gonna be coming your way. You have to increase your capacity. And to me, that's what makes a person tough. Somebody in hard times who has the ability to kick it up a notch and go into another gear. Like they, they just find another gear. They find another gear and I'm gonna take out my my sheet of affirmations.

(17:39): And this is one I have marked with a green star and it's because I trust in the Lord. He strengthens me and causes me to soar above all obstacles and limitations. Ah, because I trust the minority, strengthens me and causes me to soar above all obstacles and limitations. Ah, like I just like, ah, like, like when I read that, I just get like, ah, like, yeah, but us go, let's get it. Things are tough right now. I'm tired. But yo like, let's get it. There's another gear, right? I can, I can rest a little bit later. This is not gonna kill me. I tell myself all the time, this is not gonna kill me. Sometimes I work seven days a week and sometimes I have to pace myself throughout that seven days a week. But I tell myself, this is not gonna kill me.

(18:28): This is, is what I have to do right now. And I talked to you folks about this, like before, it's your season, it's your time when times are hard. That's when you thrive, you become rich in the hard times, right? Cuz you laying the brown work and you laying the foundation. And that's why it just looks like, like overnight, overnight looks like people become successful overnight. It ain't overnight. They've been grinding and building and laying this foundation. So I'm gonna challenge you if you're listening to me and you're not a client and I'm gonna put this out there, you have, I'm gonna put it out there a hundred thousand to half a million to start investing, right? Get in contact with me and let's look at how to become super efficient with what you have right in this market. How to take advantage of things in this market.

(19:16): I'm talking about doing foolish stuff. I'm not talking about gambling. I'm talking about speculating. I'm talking about putting together a solid plan to take advantage of the hard times that we may be seeing around us in the world to come. So my show in the show notes, you can look on my calendar or you can gimme a call at the office. Talk to Beverly, she'll get you on my schedule and we can just start rapping about stuff, right? 8 0 8 5 2 1 4 4 0 1. And you can check me out on the website. Oh man, this has been awesome. So are you ready to increase your capacity to be able to thrive and be successful in tough time? I'm looking forward to it. Call me up, tell me some wins. Tell, share it with me. Some of the things that are happening for you because you've been grinding, right? You've been preparing and boom. All of a sudden. Now you're winning. We talked about on the previous show, winning, winning, winning. So thank you for allowing me to share today's show, go bust it open, go get big. Increase your capacity. So until next time everybody 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

(20:25): This is the podcast. Factory.Com.

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