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Show highlights include:

  • Why the biblical story of sending spies into Canaan teaches you how to recover from financial insolvency (4:24)
  • How bucking market trends fills your pocketbook (5:37)
  • The “5 Living Tips” that lets you take advantage of opportunities in the market (7:26)
  • Why getting excited about new opportunities sparks your ambition to act (and how you can see that it helps your family financially) (9:47)

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Do you hate the thought of working past 55 or 60? Do you hate not being able to live the life you deserve today? Do you hate not knowing what your financial future looks like? It's time to stop doing what you hate, here's your host, Mr. Harold Green.

(00:20): Lower everybody. This is Harold Green of bright financial group, man. And it is time to stop doing what you hate. What's up everybody, or as they say up in Detroit, what up though? And basically just simply means what up what's going on. How's it shaking, whatever man has been a very, very interesting week sitting here getting over a cold and had some time to just chill out a little bit, reflect, you know, try to get my help back on track, try to take care of myself and had a lot of time to think and reflect and just, you know, look at the notes I wrote for the beginning of the year in terms of the adjustments I wanted to make and some of the things I wanted to get done and it was good. And so, you know, moving forward, I'll probably take a little bit more time for myself just to have those days where I sit down and kind of clear my mind and just be at peace with things and look at ways to move forward in a more, I guess the word would be an intentional matter.

(01:26): And so today I want to talk to you folks about something that is extremely important and something that's gonna help you and serve you very well throughout the rest of this year. It's about the land of opportunities and or the land of opportunity. And that's gonna be the name of today's show title, the land of opportunity. And I'm a rent a little bit here real quick. You know, I believe we live in one of the greatest countries on the entire planet and, you know, we just have so much, you know, regardless of what you think about what's going on right now, there's just so much opportunity laying around and just kind of walking around us and hitting us in the face every single day. But we're blinded to our greatest opportunities because of maybe how we think and some other things that I'm gonna get into, but, you know, there is absolutely no reason why we can't be successful in the United States of America or pretty much in anywhere in the dogone world.

(02:22): And it's gonna all be up to us. And on Martin Luther king day, I was just kind of sitting there thinking about all the things that I've gone through in my life, all the things that Dr. King represented and all the things that he did either. There's a lot to his background. There's a lot to his history and I don't want to get into that. But one of the things I always do is I always take away just the simple fact of the amount of progress that I've been able to make in my own life and the amount of opportunities that I have been given in my own life or the opportunities that I've sought out or the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. And quite frankly, if I didn't take advantage of my opportunities, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you folks today.

(03:06): And, and if you can go back later and hear one of the previous shows I did about taking advantage of the opportunities, I think that would kind of serve you well. And I wanna share with you folks a little bit about a land of opportunity. I was in the Bible called the land of Canan and you know, I'm a Christian and I share that with everybody. You know, I have a relationship with the Lord and stuff like that. That's very important to me. So that's kind of what well, not kind of, but that's what helps to guide the decisions I make on a day in and day out basis. No, I'm not perfect then no, that's not an excuse to not to get better every day. But again, we all have things that we're working on and we all have things that we're striving towards.

(03:46): And I just feel that in my own life personally, it's what has had the biggest impact on everything that I do. And it's also had a very big impact on the people that are around me. And it's also had a very big impact on the kind of character that I've had. It also has opened my eyes to a lot of things that maybe were hidden that had I not had a relationship with the Lord. I, I probably would not have seen those things. And so I don't wanna beat you folks up with that, but I really want to get into this show and talk about the land of Keenan and the opportunities that people have and how you can spot opportunities, take advantage of them. Okay. So are you ready? Are you ready? 1, 2, 3, let's get it. So they sent out spies to take a look at the land that was called the Canan or the land of milk and honey, because that was the land that God was going to give them to resettle and and just kind of move on from all the things that had been through.

(04:47): And, and this is very important. I don't care where you are, who you are or where you're at, what you're going through. There is a land of opportunity for you when you come out of some of the horrible situations that you may have gone through. There has always been something for you after that. There's always something prepared for you. And I'll say this, and I've heard this said before, for every setback, there's a comeback. I'll say that again for every setback, there's a comeback. So if you're going through something terrible, man, I'm telling you, there is something for you. There is an opportunity waiting for you because I believe that the, the rain falls on every, but the sun also shines on everybody. Okay? So everybody has the same, the same ability I believe, and the same opportunities to come through their situation, into a great landing spot, if they would only open their eyes and look for it.

(05:37): So they sent off these spots, okay. The sun else, 12 spies, and 10 of the spies came back with a, a bad report. But two of the spies came back with a good report. Now, a lot of times we can be herded into doing things because of the crowd. And so, because these people, you know, they looked at the 10 versus the two and they decided to kind of go with the, you know, the report of the, the 10 in the beginning, but I'm not gonna get into the whole story. But at the end, they ended up going in and possessing the land of Keenan. But here's the deal. So, and this is in numbers, 1333. If you got a Bible, go crack it, open, read it, read this this chapter. Matter of fact, read the whole thing in context. So, but I'm gonna get into verse 32.

(06:27): And it says, so they gave the Israelite a bad report about the land that they had sped out. And they quote the land we explored, devourers its inhabitants. And all the people we saw there are great and stature. We even saw the, the Neum there. These were basically giants, huge giants. The descendants of ANAC that came from the Neum. We seem like grasshoppers in our own site, and we must have seen the same to them. And it's like, oh my God, we're we, we . We seem like grasshoppers at our own site. And I talked about this before in another show about taking down giants, giant killers. And so you wanna go back and listen to that show, you know, it'll help you tremendously. But these people had an opportunity facing them. And 10 went out, came back with a bad report. Two went out, saw the same thing, came back with a great report.

(07:26): And so I'm gonna tell you something, and I want you to pay attention to this very closely. I'm gonna give you five ways to spot your opportunities and some tips on how to take advantage of those opportunities. Okay? So, you know, a lot of times you're just going through life and things come to you, you know, just in daily life, either through talking to a friend, talking to your spouse, watching TV, reading a book, I don't care, playing a video game, playing golf, fishing things come to you because you know, we are, we are living. And I believe that opportunities are living things. Opportunities are not dead. Things. Opportunities are living things. And number one, the way to spot an opportunity is they are alive and life giving. When an idea or an opportunity comes to you, that idea should be alive and life giving it and be an energy draining mind, boggling conundrum.

(08:24): That's hard to wrap your mind around or something that frustrates you or something that stresses you out. These things are life giving. And that's very important. So when you're talking to friends and they, and you know, people say stuff, you can, you can tell if you, you know, if you're a forward thinking person, you can tell if these opportunities or good ideas or bad ideas, or I call 'em good ideas or good ideas. You can tell if you are a forward thinking person, that's constantly in the habit of looking for opportunities or ideas, things that come across your mind across your mind, you can tell right something, that's gonna jump inside of you. I don't wanna get ahead of myself, but man, sometimes these opportunities come my way. And like I tell my assistant, or I talk to people about this. And sometimes people say, man, you know, God, God sent you that opportunity.

(09:13): And I, I have to well warn them and say, no, God did not send me that opportunity. Just because something come at you does not mean it's something good. It can be something bad disguised as good. Right. You don't know. So you can't really get excited about every single thing that comes your way. You have to be able to dress these opportunities down. And then right. Once you see their components, then you can get it right. Not beforehand. As my mama used to say, don't ever count your chickens before they hatch. That's an old phrase. Right? But the opportunity should be life giving. All right. Number two, these opportunities that come your way, they should spark some serious ambition and function to function which is the desire to get moving. Right? So after you've dressed these things down and you look at 'em and it's like, okay, they're life giving, okay.

(10:05): Now you're getting excited because there's a couple of different things that are gonna happen, right? Number three, they bring excitement. These opportunities are life giving. They spark some serious ambition in you. And again, we're on the ambition series, right? We've been talking about ambition and ambition is one of the things that will help you spot opportunities, but great opportunities have ambition built in, right? It's like a seed, right? You go to the store and you buy a seed for say, you, you know, to plant a tree for an orange tree, that seed has everything on the inside, right? You just gotta put it in the ground. And then you, you know, you put it in the ground and if it's good soil what'll happen is, is, you know, it'll begin to grow. And because the soil has nutrients in it and stuff like that, you just gotta put that seed in good ground.

(10:54): It's the same thing. When opportunities, you know, when these come, you can take that opportunity. And so that in good ground, and that can be the good ground of your heart or the ground of your mind in order to get these opportunities to move forward and grow. Cause they do bring excitement and number four, the one thing I love about great opportunities is they have immediate vision built in for those who are forward thinking people, you can immediately see how they're gonna add value to the lives of others and how they're gonna generate, you know, some sort of numerical return that's that could be phenomenal. And I'll give you folks an idea. So I have a lot of family and I always want to help my family. And so anytime I come a across great ideas or great opportunities and you know, opportunities, that could be great for them.

(11:43): I share this stuff with them because I, I love them and I wanna see them prosper and I wanna see them grow. So Martin Luther king day, I'm sitting here and I'm just, I'm, I'm doing research. I'm, you know, just kind of reading and just reflecting. And then I thought about one of my family members, who's going through a little bit of a tough time. And they had talked about owning their own place. They want, they wanna own their own place. And the one thing that came to me was the fastest way to get a, of renting something into owning something is to pretty much own everything. And that starts with owning yourself, taking ownership of your decisions, your choices, taking ownership of your time, and then basically taking that and then owning your own business. So I thought about the gifts and talents of this family member.

(12:33): And I texted them, this, this, this idea that I thought was like, phenomenal. I said, Hey, I just came across this. I think this would be great for you and check it out. So I guess they read it and got back to me and said, well, this is great. I'm excited, but what do I, what do I do now? I'm like, yeah, yeah, yo, you gotta figure that part out. Right? You, you gotta tick the next steps. And then I said, here's a couple ideas, go run with this, right? Because if you do it right, you can make so much money, you know, to them be a lot of money compared to what they're making per hour. And I said, if you spend the same amount of time, right. Working on this idea and building this business for yourself, you'll be out of your job in no time and running your own business.

(13:19): And then you have your time for yourself. You can charge this much per person and on and on and on. And, and then I guess the idea simply died and maybe, maybe they aren't ready for it yet. Maybe mentally they're not in the right place. But I thought it was a phenomenal opportunity of an idea, very little startup, very little startup, you know, they're tech savvy. They can figure out how to get stuff on YouTube, get stuff on the internet, get stuff on Facebook. Doesn't cost them anything to set that up. And I said, you know, you just start, you know, putting up videos and doing your thing and then boom, you know, I think you're gonna well. But again, that idea, I, it is probably still out there. That opportunity is still there for them because there's absolutely nobody that I know of in their area doing something like that.

(14:08): Okay. So that's just something I wanted to share with you, folks that sometimes people will share things with you and you gotta bet this stuff out out. And number five opportunities. They come with their own resources. You know, they come with their own resources. There's ways, you know, like the idea I had presented to my family member, I already had looked on the internet. I, I knew pretty much how they could have got started, but I wanted to leave that to them and have them go do that research. And they figured that part out, cuz you know, I got my own life. I got my own things to do and I don't wanna be spoonfeeding ideas and strategy step by step. And I think that when these opportunities come to you, you can figure them out step by step yourself. And that's the best way to go about doing it.

(14:48): They have no resources. You can look the stuff up on the internet. It'll it'll basically, you can figure out who to call funding. Ideas are built into these, into these opportunities. These ideas will come at you really quickly because this opportunity, again, it's like a seat. It has everything built inside. I don't know if I'm making sense or now, but these opportunities have like everything you need inside. Right? Because I think that when gives us opportunities, he gives us things. He, he gives us everything we need in order to make that thing work. Maybe we just have to unwrap, you know, as we go through the, the, the dressing, this thing down and unwrapping it and unwrapping it, and then more and more will reveal itself. It's kinda like driving on a road at night. You can't see the whole road, right? You can only go as far as you can see with your headlights.

(15:33): And sometimes opportunities are the same way. You just gotta kind of follow it down the path, right? For it to ultimately reveal all of itself, number one, their life giving number two, they spark serious ambition and a desire to get moving. Number three, they bring excitement. Number four, they got vision built inside. Vision is very important. And number five, they have their own resources and here's a caveat to all of that opportunities also have obstacles built in, right? They have obstacles built in the land of Canan had obstacles built in their giants in the land, right? It was such a great place with so many re resources in there. And a lot of times in life ideas are the same way. You know, they could have obstacles in the way that you have to overcome and remove the obstacles. That's a very important thing.

(16:23): In regards to taking advantage of these opportunities, you gotta remove the obstacles. Sometimes it's like finding, finding a hidden gem. You know, you are digging through things. And next thing you know, there's a hidden gem in there. These opportunities are the same way, but if you left the obstacles standing you away, you're never gonna take advantage of the opportunities. You gonna seem like a grasshopper in your own site. I get that question all the time about Harold, when can I retire? I don't have enough money to retire. The question is, is what is an enough money, right? Do you want enough money to be able to burn up a wet mule? Like, do you want that kind of money? Like you can just go waste it. I mean, is that what enough means to you? Does it mean you're never gonna run out? Does it mean that you can enjoy and live the life you want to live?

(17:09): Like you have to qualify what is enough, right? And then I get the questions about, well, what if I run out? Like, why would you run out? If we don't have a plan, you might run out. If you go and do something that's not built into the plan or if you get taken advantage of somewhere or you, you follow some bad advice maybe. Right. So I wanna present to you if you're not working with me yet an to, to sit down and talk with me and the opportunity's free. It's an exciting opportunity, I think because you're probably gonna learn something. I'm sure you're gonna learn something you probably never heard from anybody before, when you've spoken to them about your finances. And I think that's exciting. So how do you take advantage of the opportunity? Well, click in the show notes and get on my schedule so we can have that exciting conversation or you can give my assistant Beverly a call in the office, (808) 521-4401. And she'll be glad to get something scheduled for us so that we can have the opportunity to discover the new and the exciting for you. So thank you very much for letting me share this show about the land of opportunity with you folks. And until next time everybody, 1, 2, 3, let's get it.

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