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Yeah, Yeah…

I know it's Labor Day.

And that's why I've got something extra special for you.

​I'm about to share a strategy most average ordinary marketers don't use.

It's a long forgotten relic of the analog days.

Today's online marketers wouldn't understand this.

And even when they hear about it,

They're too afraid to use it.

But if you deploy this one strategy…

People will love to hear from you.

They'll take your calls.

And you'll be unforgettable.

Before I share it with you,

You need to know one thing.

This is not shiny, new, or Ninja.

Most of you will scoff and say, “I knew that already.”

But, just because you know it doesn't mean you're doing it.

Alright, here's what you do.

Whenever a Holiday rolls around.

Take your smart phone out of your pocket.

Pull up your contacts (especially clients and “would” be clients)

Then wish them a happy ‘whatever day.'

Get this,

Today I went through my rolodex and texted around 25 people, “Happy Memorial Day.” (even though it was Labor Day)

It was a total mistake.

Some people wished me a happy Memorial Day back.

Some people told me it was Labor Day (and we had a laugh)

And some people just said, “Thanks.”

If you want to stand out from the screen-tanned nerds who hide out behind keyboards.

Use this technique.

It gets you into conversations with people.

It makes them feel good.

And it makes them pay more attention to you.

Now that I've turned my embarrassing mistake into a lesson for you…

I want to give you one more nugget.

It's another tool that'll make you unforgettable.

I lay out what it is and how you can use it to make a faster + deeper connection with your market in the latest episode of Daddy's Working http://DaddysWorking.com/itunes

And if you can't stand iTunes – you can stream it right from my website http://DaddysWorking.com/dwp-039

Daddy's out.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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