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Stop handling sales objections and erase them instead.

Phone sales can be incredibly hard, especially if you're trying to sell people cold. But it doesn't have to be so hard. In this post I'll show you how handling objections can be easier by using content marketing in your sales funnel.

You should never be handling objections like this on your calls

There's nothing worse than getting on a call and having to tell people who you are. If they don't know who you are and how you can help them before they're on a call you're in trouble. You should be handling objections like this before you're on a call with them. Otherwise you'll spend most of your time proving yourself.

2 reasons you're handling objections

There are two things people need to know before they'll choose to work with you.

1. Can I trust this person?

Above all else, people want to know if they can trust you. They want to know that you'll do what you said you would.

2. Can I respect this person?

Once they know they can trust you, they need to know they can respect you. They need to know that you're a person of integrity. Show them you have experience in helping others just like them.

Let them know you can lead them to the solution they are looking for. Handling these objections ahead of time will make your sales call friction free.

Handling objections with content marketing

If you want a shorter sales cycle, easier sales calls, and better clients this is for you. We've been using this objection handling method at The Podcast Factory for 6 years and it works like a charm. It's called The Content Vault™.

There are two questions you need to answer before creating a single piece of content.

1. What do I want my audience to do?

The first question comes from our Direct Response Podcast™ framework. There's no point in creating content that doesn't move your listener into action. Whether it's to sign up for your eMail list or book a call with you. You must know what you want them to do before creating any content.

2. What do they need to believe to do it?

If you know your market, this should be easy. Tell them everything they need to know before they get on a call with you. Handling objections in your content before they book a call with you is the key to friction free sales.

Think of all the objections they might have and create content around them.

Put all this objection handling content in your sales funnel so you're educating and indoctrinating them before you talk. If you can show people that they can trust and respect you through content before they get on the call with you, they will be so eager to work with you that you're not even going have to sell on your sales call.

All you'll do is ask a few questions, create a strategy and they'll be whipping out their credit cards.

Handling Objections recap

Sales calls can be extremely difficult if you don't have people pre-sold before they talk to you.

To make your calls easier you need to answer two questions:

1. Can I trust this person

2. Can I respect this person

Instead of wasting time on sales calls handling objections like these, use content marketing. Create content that shows people they can trust and respect you. Make sure they consume this content before your call. That way, people show up to your calls educated, indoctrinated, and ready to do business with you.

Ready to start handling objections with content marketing?

In the last 10 years me and my team at The Podcast Factory have helped 34 experts create content for handling objections before their sales calls.

They've become influential leaders using our Direct Response Podcast™ framework. Want to know how you can plug this system into your business for faster sales? Book a call with me and I'll give you the podcasting action plan you need to hit your goals.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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