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Are you looking to create a higher converting lead magnet to grow your email list faster? Do you want to know how to eliminate negative thought patterns once and for all? Or maybe you’re wondering how to balance family relationships while building your business?

Today’s episode has it all. In this live Q&A session, Chris provides in-depth answers to his clients’ questions on a variety of topics ranging from marketing and mindset to family and much more.

Grab your headphones, hit that play button, and get ready to learn a bunch of new nuggets to take all areas of your life to the next level!

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– Forget about goal setting in 2019: Here’s a daily habit that all successful people have mastered to make success more achievable (1:50)

– The easiest (and fastest) way to optimize your landing pages for more conversions (2:25)

– How to effectively break down your income goals (so you can crush them!) (3:30)

– How to know what your customers want…even before they do (5:45)

– How to stop your smartphone from turning into your ‘other partner’ (7:40)

– Is email marketing dead? (9:05)

– How to take constructive criticism like a champ (9:40)

– The #1 key to writing seductive sales copy that converts…without hiring a copywriter (10:40)

– Tried-and-true principles for creating great lead magnets to build your email list (12:15)

– How to eliminate the hidden cause of negative thoughts once and for all (13:25)

– Our biggest business breakthroughs of 2019 that we’ve learned the most valuable lessons from (18:15)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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