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Most leaders ask “qu-gestions” without even knowing it. “Qu-gestions” are suggestions sneakily disguised with a question mark at the end.

This sabotages their relationship with their employees, leading to poor teamwork, diminished results, and lower levels of morale. After years of asking “qu-gestions”, they eventually get put on the office chopping block, and have to find a new role.

So, if asking “qu-gestions” isn't the answer, then what is?

Today’s guest, Dipesh Mistry, shows you a few simple ways to transform the morale and performance of your employees — even if you’ve just started your new role. He also reveals how to be a change agent, driving growth within your organization.

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Show Highlights:

  • How to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset and scale your team by positioning yourself between the ears of Reed Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn (0:57)
  • The proven way to maximize the performance of your employees by drinking beers at lunch (1:59)
  • 2 quick and easy mental exercises to advance to VP or Director (without trampling your employee’s needs and desires) (2:35)
  • Why asking “qu-gestions” suffocates your ability to communicate your goals (and eliminates honesty in a team environment) (4:02)
  • How to develop a game plan to advance your career by chopping up cilantro after work (7:54)
  • The weird way banishing toxic behavior leads to greater performance, productivity, and motivation from your employees (8:45)
  • How building relationships early on unlocks hidden opportunities years down the road (10:25)
  • Why visiting the Bahamas and sipping pina coladas results in greater team performance, soaring profits, and envious employee retention (12:34)
  • The insidious way following what you’ve always done stunts your career growth (15:06)

If you want to connect with Dipesh, here’s where you can find him online:



Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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