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Do you ever notice your lip curl, your jaw clench, and red, contorted rage fill your face when someone cuts you off in traffic? This cycle creates an unnecessary amount of anger, hate, and stress in your life. 

What if the person who cut you off just has to poop bad? Even if they have other reasons for cutting you off, telling yourself they have to poop ends this rage-filled cycle that creates more misery in your life. 

And if you can learn to do this with small things, like getting cut off in traffic, you can apply it to other more serious problems in your life. 

The reality is, you never know why someone acts a certain way. But if you had the life experiences they had, you would react in the same way. 

In this episode, you’ll discover the importance of forgiveness and how it gives your mental health a day at the spa (even if you weren’t in the “wrong”). 

Listen to the episode now to unlock a life filled with less stress, rage, and hate. 

Show highlights include:

  • The simple “Poop” mindset tweak for instantly erasing your stress, anxiety, and anger (0:17) 
  • How not getting road rage when someone cuts you off can save a dying friendship or marriage (2:09) 
  • Why loving yourself unlocks a deeper sense of love for everyone you meet (9:18) 
  • The weird connection between drug addicts, workaholics, and fitness freaks (and why each one is unhealthy) (10:05) 
  • The “LUGA Method” for changing your most passionate hater’s mind (12:58) 
  • How to forgive anyone (even if they stabbed you in the back or cheated on you) (14:48) 

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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