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Your mind, your thoughts, and your feelings can either be a cheat code for accomplishing your goals, or an insurmountable obstacle you can’t conquer no matter what you try.
Yet most people choose the latter.… READ MORE

Most people think manifestation is some weird voodoo BS that accomplishes nothing. And you know what? They’re not wrong about that.
Here’s why:
Manifestation doesn’t mean thinking positive thoughts fills your world with rainbows and money.… READ MORE

There’s one cause for your suffering, your misery, and your anxiety:
Here’s what I mean:
There’s beauty around you every moment of every day. But your thoughts and preferences cloud you from this beauty — and fill you with unnecessary anguish.… READ MORE

Life will never turn out how you plan. While that sounds like bad news, here’s why it’s not:
When you plan every nitty-gritty detail of your life, you only set yourself up for disappointment and failure.… READ MORE

There’s a certain “addiction” that haunts everyone. It’s not alcohol or drugs — it’s far more sinister. 
It crushes your happiness. It steals your hope. And it can transform what might otherwise be your best moment into a soul-sucking situation. READ MORE

There’s a lot of similarities between success and skiing. Some slopes terrify you. And if you think about it too much before starting, you’ll psych yourself out. 
That’s how it goes in business too.READ MORE

Whenever you try to tackle your goals, discouragement rears its ugly head. Your mind transforms into your biggest critic. And fills you with trash which makes you self-sabotage. 
Discouragement is a habit.READ MORE

What if I told you that there are only 3 things you need to do this year to have your most successful year in business?
Well, here’s the good news:
There are only 3 things you need to leave behind. But it won’t be easy.… READ MORE

The fastest way to limit your impact in anything you do is by caring what other people think. 
It’s easy to care about what others think and “censor” yourself so they won’t judge you. But this destroys your confidence.READ MORE

Do you ever find yourself scarfing down an entire bag of chips in one sitting? 
Binge eating sessions are an attempt to cover up your feelings. It’s a way to give your brain a dopamine boost and feel better. READ MORE

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