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If you were listening to the last episode, you’ll have heard part one of our interview with Matt Garabedian.

I know, I know…we left you hanging.

Gosh, I’m such a tease.

But we’re back and we’re ready to rock and roll!

So let’s jump back into part two of our interview with Matt where he talks about ‘closing deals,’ adding more purpose to your life, the power of imperfect action, and how to elevate your game.

Show Highlights Include:

  • A valuable life-lesson on ‘closing deals’ that’s got nothing to do with Real Estate (1:40)
  • Focus & Determination: Matt’s journey to getting in the best shape of his life, both physically and mentally (5:00)
  • How to design a business that adds purpose to your life (6:00)
  • Your most valuable business move and how to propel explosive business growth (8:45)
  • Why being a perfectionist could be killing you (14:00)
  • Brain hacks to optimize your mental focus (15:30)
  • Elevating your game and getting around the right people (19:15)

Be sure to check out more of Matt’s work below:

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Matt’s Podcast – The Phenom Investor Blueprint

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No don't go in there, Daddy's working.

Jonathan: Yes, yes, y'all - it is another edition of the Daddy's Working Podcast. If you were listening week, then you heard part one of the interview, and I left you hanging. Gosh, I'm such a tease. But we're here, and we're ready to rock and roll. So let's dive back into part two of the interview.

Yeah, that real estate stuff is boring. I want to rewind back to you're losing your ass, everything is going wrong…

Matt: Yeah.

Jonathan: … you're overweight, you're unhappy. And here's the reason. So let me preface this so that you know I'm not picking on you, but I too, was involved in real estate and doing deals and investments in 2004, 2005, 2006. I lost my ass in 2007, everything, lost everything - foreclosures everywhere. I made a million and lost a million, is what I like to say, and I met my wife at that time. [0:01:15.4]

Matt: Whoa.

Jonathan: I met her at my first real estate closing, and I have no clue what she saw in me because I was cocky AF. Right? And nobody liked me. Nobody liked me, but somehow, she liked me, and I'm thinking, "I don’t know what she sees." Well, actually back then...Now I would say I don't know what she sees in me. Back then, I'm like, "Yeah, I'm awesome." Right? But I wasn’t awesome, and I don't know how she saw through that. Right?

Matt: You got her.

Jonathan: That's it. Like how does she inspire you and pull the best out of you? Like what was going on in your mind? What was the emotion? What were you doing? Why? Why were you rising up to be at this girl's level, or this woman's level?

Matt: I'm thinking, at the time, I have gone through living the unfocused life, you know, just being the bachelor and hanging out with the guys, you know, really no responsibility, no focus, and you know, trying to look for relationships in bars. And yeah, I'm that guy. [0:02:15.2]

And I'm like, how stupid, right? So in order for me to really change my environment, I started, you know, making changes. So, you know, I actually met her in church. So I wasn’t like a frequent church attendee at that time, but you know, that's the way God works. Like, you know, I attended church randomly. I saw her. I asked about her and the next thing you know, the priest's father introduced us and put us together on a coffee date, where he actually, you know, escorted her with her and I met them at a coffee shop. Total old school, like, but I loved it. Right? Coming from this like, you know, bar scene and you know, you know how that goes, into wait a second, like, I'm actually courting this girl and she's being escorted by, you know, the priest of the church? [0:03:05.3]

Like, that's a bit of different extreme, but you know, a lot of guys probably would have been, "Nah, you know, like I'm not ready for all that." But for me, you know, I just knew that this was an opportunity to really meet a girl that could, you know, level me up, you know, and the way she carried herself and the way she spoke and just she was really, I mean, just, you know, she's like an angel. You know, she says, "I'm your guardian angel. God sent me here for you." And she, it's true, you know. She's put up with a lot from me, dude, and you know, I am blessed for, you know, to have her as my wife. I love her. You know, she's given me two beautiful boys, so, you know, it's all timing, you know. If I was at a different place in my life or if I would’ve said no to church, maybe, then it probably never would’ve happened. But at that point, I had just gotten to, you know, a really low point in terms of, you know, partying and living that lifestyle and I just - it wasn’t me anymore. And so, I had this opportunity and as sales guys and closers, when we have an opportunity, we're closing it. [0:04:10.9]

Jonathan: Closing it.

Matt: We're closing it. So that's kind of, you know, how it really went down.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah. That - my wife was totally out of my league. Like totally way, way out of my league and it felt good to rise up and be the man that she needed, even though it took some time, maybe more time than it should have, but…

Matt: It's always a work in progress. Right? We're - I don’t think we'll ever say we're done. Right?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Matt: I mean, it's, there's always more to do. There's always something we could do better at, and you know, that's what we're striving for.

Jonathan: So you're 70 pounds overweight. How do you get rid of that? What is the process? Do you just make it disappear or do you, do you go hard and fast or what?

Matt: I got down in weight like in 2016 and you know, still wasn’t serious about it, and I didn't start getting serious about it and really, to be honest with you guys, until exactly nine months ago so I've lost 40 pounds over the last nine months. [0:05:16.1]

Jonathan: Wow.

Matt: And that's been through a combination of you know, obviously your diet, I changed my whole diet and hard core workouts, you know, pretty much every single morning. You know, CrossFit, high-intensity, you know, work outs. I love it. I love the challenge and I, you know, going through some of the pain, I'm kind of addicted to it, to be honest. I like it, you know. I built myself up. I mean, I'm 200, today I weigh 229 pounds and I'm running like four miles.

Jonathan: Wow.

Matt: Without, you know, without stopping at a pretty decent pace. So my endurance and my, you know, I'm getting in the best shape of my life right now, and it's been fun and I'm like, I'm not stopping, like it's part of me now. [0:06:01.6]

Jonathan: That's awesome, man. Alright, so you tried all those areas of real estate. You settled on what? You're wholesaling or are you rehabbing or both?

Matt: Both, but you know, primarily we wholesale. That's really where I like to operate my business. Again, it goes back into, you know, what's your vision and what your company and what your business, what you do want it to do for you, creating that. So, it's primarily wholesaling, but we buy property to rent. We buy property to wholesale. I mean, I've done, I don't know, at least 100 flips. It's not just something that I personally want to do volume.

Jonathan: So what - you said, what, and I like this, by the way - what you want your business to do for you. So what do you want your business to do for you?

Matt: I want my business to serve me in terms of my time. So, you know, in terms of you know, I'm here at the house today, you know, I didn't have to rush to the office to be there to answer phones or you know, to send contracts, you know. I'm here. Got my workout in this morning. You know, spent some time in the morning with the kids. [0:07:09.2]
Now I'm sitting here in my bedroom talking to you on a podcast and to me, that's, you know, that's, you know, freedom. You know, I've been hanging out and no one is telling me I have to be somewhere. But, you know, designing that business with intent and purpose is really the key. So when I'm saying "What do you want it to do for you," Well, I want it to run successfully at a high level as little of my hands in it, for lack of better words.

Jonathan: Did you start out that way with that intent and purpose, or is that something that has evolved?

Matt: It's just evolution. It's, you know, when I figured out I needed to scale and grow business is when I made a next step in my life in terms of investing in myself. Right? So, it wasn’t a new concept for me, but you know, I was at a level where there was a lot of running around and running a property management business and being an investor. [0:08:02.3]
I had all these, you know, irons in the fire, and then so, deciding to reach to DM randomly through Facebook. He was like, come out to my, you know, come out to my dealathon and I did. That's when I met a lot of the guys in the group and the DM fam, but you know, learned about the scale process at that time.

Jonathan: So with everything that you've done and all the growth, you're talking about DM, and for the listeners who don’t know, the DM Family is a mastermind, a very high level, exclusive mastermind that we both belong to and Ray has been on the show. Joe Lieber has been on the show, so they've heard of it, but is this something that you have been doing throughout your career? Is this new to you? Like the mentorship and mastermind thing - what does that look like?

Matt: No, you know, because I remember at an early age, I would hire, my parents would hire like side trainers or coaches, so I was a catcher in baseball, so I remember them, you know, they'd hire a catching coach for me to work on fundamentals and drills. So I always liked being coached because it held me accountable. So even today, I hire a trainer that holds me accountable. [0:09:13.3]

You know, for me, it's always worked that way. You know, I've learned that I respond when, you know, people are expecting things or there's a deadline or there's a, you know, other people involved. If I'm solo, I have to be honest, you know, I let myself down too much. And so, you know, I've just learned that about myself, so I put in these stop gaps in place to keep me progressed and just being part of athletics my whole life, I'm used to the team approach. I'm used to being coached. I'm not egotistical. I can take constructive criticism. I thrive on competition. I don’t get angry or jealous of competitors; it motivates me, you know. So that type of environment and that structure is comfortable for me. So it was natural for me to say okay, I want to acquire something. I want to acquire a new knowledge level or a new level of life. It just made sense to me that I have to invest into that to receive the information. You know, it's not free. So every decision I've made when I've said I want to learn about wholesaling, so at the time, it was invest in a FourtuneBuilders program. [0:10:24.8]

Jonathan: Ah! Dan Merrill? I did that too.

Matt: Oh yeah? Yeah. So those guys are from Fresno. So Than, JD, and Paul are born and raised in Fresno. I don’t know if you knew that.

Jonathan: No kidding. No, I didn't.

Matt: Yeah. So yeah, I was an early member of the FortuneBuilders Mastery. I joined in 2010 and at the time, it was like 12,000 to be part of the mastery program. Now it's like 50 or something.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Matt: But I didn't have the money, so I just became resourceful and I negotiated with like a $3200 down payment and they financed me the rest just so I can get that knowledge of wholesaling in my hands and then go out and put it to work, you know. So if I didn't make that decision, we're not here today. [0:11:07.8]

If I didn't make that decision to level up and be in a high level mastermind, we're not here today. So it's just the choices that you make, you know, and then the actions we take after those choices will continually level you up. I mean, it has for me and I really believe that it will for you.

Jonathan: Yeah, absolutely. Invest in yourself. That's what - I've said it before, and I'll say it again - that's the best investment I've ever made, when I invest in myself. That's a sure bet, in my mind.

Alright. So listen. Gotta pay the bills. So here is a quick advertisement for your ears that I think you're going to find useful. How would you like to spend more time with your family, and less time on your business? Before anyone chooses to do business with you, they need to know one important thing - can I trust you? The only problem is building trust can take forever, and I know you don’t have that kind of time, but what if there was a way to build trust in minutes, instead of years? You'd want that, wouldn't you? Good news, buckaroo, that's exactly what you'll get inside my Digital Daddy's Toolkit. It's got my top three speed-influenced tools to make you a trusted expert in any market, quickly. Go to DaddysWorking.com/ddt to grab your copy today.

Jonathan: So now, you're able to chat with me from your home base. Your business is not eating you alive. What, I mean what's the future look like for you? What are you working for? What is your purpose?

Matt: Yeah. My purpose on the business side is to continue to be, have stability and consistency as we grow and scale. We're growing. More marketing is being deployed. We're in the process of hiring. [0:13:05.7]

So, you know, I'm moving forward with the vision of having that perform at its capabilities. I still think there's a lot of work to be done there, but I like doing that. So that's always going to be a part of my life, I believe. And then now, venturing into you know, education and coaching. I like to do a little bit more of that, so that's something that I'm working on and doing some events and bringing in guys that I can help grow and scale their business, and have these types of conversations because this is where the value is at.

Jonathan: What, you mentioned earlier is the book that you are working on - is that part of this new evolution or this next phase that you're going through right now?

Matt: Yeah, I think it's - you know, I'm, it's a little bit of, you know, a little bit of my story. It's definitely not about Xs and Os in terms of strategy. I think there's a lot of information out there. [0:14:01.5]

But this is a little bit more of hey, here are the lessons that I've learned and these are, you know, what I want to share as to they're very basic, but they're not hard to..they're very hard to accomplish. So if you can master these basic skills, you'll be successful. It's kind of showing the how, you know, I was just taking imperfect action and just going through any obstacle regardless and it's worked out. So, you know, I just like to tell people to focus on just being consistent with their actions.

Jonathan: I love the idea of imperfect action. Too many people get caught up in the details and then they don’t anything. I'd rather go out 70% and fix it while the thing is going down the road than not do it.

Matt: Exactly. Exactly. It cracks me up because, you know, people, this is a line in my book, so I'll screw it up because I don’t it verbatim, but it's like it cracks me up that people spend so much time analyzing hypotheticals. Right? So.. well, what if this happens or what if I invest this much or spend this much and I lose money, what if the seller says … I mean, they play all these crazy scenarios in their head and play out these like false, you know, situations and false outcomes. It's crazy to me. [0:15:19.2]
It's like, let's spend time on doing the work and actually like, let's play it back real. Like let's see what obstacles actually come about because it's, at that time, it's real and let's use our brains to navigate it at that time. Like let's not waste our brain space on hypotheticals or what if, would have, could have, should have because more than likely, it's not going to happen the way you envision it. So you're just wasting your brain space. You're wasting your time and your energies focused on the wrong - you're focused on the wrong question.

Jonathan: I knew there was a reason we were talking, bro. I mean, I think, I don’t even know, I think it might have been Daddy's Working Episode 26 where I gave people a 3-step plan to crush all that. And here it is. I want to share it again. It's worth sharing because you folks out there need to hear this again, because we are reminding you, and I just got validation from Matt G. Do. See. Go. Like do something, see what's happening, and go figure out what needs to be done next. There's just no more thinking involved than that right there. Do. See. Go. [0:16:24.7]

Matt: I'm right there with you. So the analogy I say is Ready. Fire. Aim.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Right.

Matt: So, just go out and make a mess, you know. Go make mistakes. It's cool. You need to. That's the only way you're going to learn. So get off the, you know, high horse of oh, you know, I need to be perfect and I just need to know everything.
Dude, we're going to laugh at you before you even decide to even jump in the race. So let's go.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah - I love it. So, Matt, we're coming up towards the end and I always like to ask this, because I'm here for my own entertainment, but is there anything that you thought we'd be talking about or that you wanted to talk about that maybe I haven't brought up yet? [0:17:10.9]

Matt: Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, family, right? Family is everything. So your show is faith, finances, family, and fitness. You know, there's so many core, I mean, there's four shows in there. Right? Just on those topics, they could go on and on. I love the topics, Jonathan. I could talk about this stuff all day. I do have a passion for it. You know, I have a podcast that I'm working on. You know, it's called The Phenom Investor Blueprint. So, you know, we talk a lot, I talk a lot about my faith in this. I talk a lot about my family. I think when you boil it all down, you know, we're all doing this for our loved ones and wanting to create a better life for our kids and you know, in order to do that, you know, you have to have faith and you have to have fitness is huge. Right? [0:18:00.9]

Because if you can't take care of your health, like how are you going to take care of you know, the obligations you need to take care of with your family, that's a big one and then the financial will take care of itself after your faith is in place and then your family and then your fitness. God, family, you know, real estate is what I say.

Jonathan: So that's the name of the book? God, Family, Real Estate?

Matt: I'm going with that, you know. Here's one quote that I'll share with you guys. I heard it the other day. It says you know, "Don’t set your goals in relation to your own abilities. Set your goals in accordance with the God you serve." So that struck a chord with me and it's.. hey guys, don’t put any limiting belief on yourself. Anything you're putting on yourself is self-imposed. It's false. It's a lie. Like, you're created to find your unique ability. Again, you know, I encourage you to find your unique ability, get comfortable with it and then go out and spread that. And that's when you'll have a lot more purpose in your life. [0:19:06.9]

Jonathan: Yeah. And I think that as we're closing and you mentioned it just a little bit, but getting around the right people. Like you folks out there who are tuning in right now, this is a way for you to get around the right people. You heard Matt say it earlier. He said that when he didn't have anybody, he went to the library and got around those old people who aren’t even around anymore, but elevating your game, getting around the right people, getting the right mindset, being open to change is what's going to give you a life full of joy. We have given you the secret. You're welcome. Yeah, you're welcome. So Matt, where can folks find you? You know what, let me see - I have some things written down here. I don't know if I can say all of them. The Phenom Investor Blueprint on IG.

Matt: That's me. Yeah. The longest…

Jonathan: I like the Phenom Investor. I like the Phenom Investor. Flat out. If you can get it. What about on YouTube? Where are you at on YouTube?

Matt: Matt Garabedian…

Jonathan: We'll link it up in the show notes for you guys. Alright. So anything else?

Matt: Yeah. And then check out the podcast is also on iTunes. It's The Phenom Investor Blueprint. [0:20:15.4]

Jonathan: Boom. He's branded it all up. The Phenom Investor Blueprint. If you Google that, you will find Matt, one way or another. Matt, thank you so much for being on the show, and that is a wrap.

Matt: Thank you.

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