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It’s Valentines Day.

A day to celebrate love.

Wait in line too long for dinner.

Eat mediocre food.

Buy over priced flowers.

And stuff your face with a load of cheap chocolates.

Me and Cupacake – we’re not into that.

Today we spent some time on the mountain doing turning drills on our snowboards.

My gift to her was a new pair of snowboard boots.

Her gift to me was a couple of Grey Goose and Tonics at the lodge.

That’s how we roll.


You want know what I really love?


Getting better.

Learning new things.

And my favorite part is when I get a lesson I wasn’t even expecting.

For instance.

I was at a board shop looking for new pants.

The ones I had left me with a wet booty after a long day on the mountain.

After all these years of snowboarding I still sit down to strap in.

When the guy at the shop asked what I needed.

I told him, “A dry butt.”

He laughed and asked why I was still sitting down to strap in.

I told him I hadn’t figured out how to do it standing up yet.

He said, “You just have to dig your heel side in.”

In that instance it clicked.

I realized the mistake I had been making for so long.

And today – dry booty.

You never know where you’ll get the one little tip that’ll make all the difference in your world.

Speaking of life changing tips.

How would you like to walk into a room and have everyone know your name?

How would you like to have clients lining up with their credit cards in hand ready to pay any price to work with you?

Good news.

That’s exactly what I’ve got for you inside the latest episode of the Daddy’s Working Podcast.

It’s called “Speed Influence”

And inside you’ll get my three pronged approach to make you a respected authority in your market.

Listen now at https://thepodcastfactory.com/dwp010/

Jonathan #DaddysWorking Rivera

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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