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Interesting episode with The Bearded Beast today.

Inspired by Slacker De Luxe and friend Ben Settle, Dan shares his take on why you need to be more villain…

… If you want to achieve success and all the moneyz.

Things like:

– Why do super-villains always make everyone play by THEIR rules and not the other way round? (It’s because of Villain Trait #1.)

– Villain’s life is never perfect but Trait #2 helps him tweak his evil plans and move forward every single time. (Model this if you’re frustrated with things that never go as planned.)

– There’s a reason why super-villains never give up, somehow manage to escape and come back to life. And if you want to achieve success? Trait #3 is what you need more than anything.

– Have you ever wondered why a villain never gives up even when the whole universe is against him? It’s because of Trait #4. If you are doing things when everyone around you thinks you’re nuts you’ll need this trait just as much!

– What makes a villain scope out an idea and crack on balls deep with their diabolical plans? Yup, Trait #5. And if you’re still waiting around for stars to align before you go do that thing you always wanted to do? You need more of #5 yourself!

Now go ahead and listen to the whole thing.

But be warned. At the end of it you will WANT to be a villain.

Wanna bet?

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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