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Working with Richard Viguerie

Daniel had the privilege of working closely with Richard Viguerie, the Father of Political Direct Mail. Many did not pass the 90-day trial that Daniel went through to get hired. Having done well in the test, Richard became Daniel’s mentor in a lot of ways.

An Eye on Involvement

Dick Benson, the author of Secrets of Successful Direct Mail, was among those who influenced Richard Viguerie. From him, Richard learned to keep an eye on the happenings in the commercial market.

Having learned from Richard, Daniel shares the purpose of every fundraising technique—to get people involved. He used to do a yes/no sticker technique, where donors would stick the answer to the corresponding box. It generated more results in contrast to plainly checking the preferred option.

Head-to-head Testing

Daniel does well in doing head-to-head testing. He has used testimonials, two-way express packs, boarder directors, and other such effective techniques. He’s also considered regression analysis.

Empathy in Copywriting

Empathy is one good characteristic of a good copywriter or marketer. People would ask Daniel about it to no avail. They just could not seem to develop it.

It is important for a writer to consider writing from the reader’s perspective. Apparently, most writers want to preach and tell people what they want them to know. For this, Daniel emphasizes the need to ask what the reader wants.

To hear about Daniel’s effective fundraising techniques and copywriting tips, download and listen to Daniel Gray: Author and Close Associate of Richard Viguerie.

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Daniel Gray: Author and Close Associate of Richard Viguerie:

Working with Richard Viguerie? (1:29)

Head-to-head testing? (5:49)

Scam emails and credibility? (8:40)

One good quality of a good copywriter? (9:39)

Packaging techniques? (10:38)

Longer letters vs 4-page letters (13:33)

Tips in writing (17:50)

Face to face solicitation (21:46)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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