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I’m constantly amazed at how many seemingly normal and intelligent people submit to
CIA MK Ultra mind control programming… and for all intents and purposes what
amounts to an HOURLY gummint anal probe.

Even more amazing… they do this WILLINGLY.

And completely miss out on living a REAL life… in the REAL world.

A life exponentially more fulfilling than the sick, perverted demonic-controlled virtual
life they’re living.

But tens of millions do.

And my online radio producer (I like “online radio” better than “podcast”)… has figured
out how to quickly create a 6-figure income from these brainwashed drones.

WITHOUT getting sucked into their CIA-controlled, anal probed virtual world.

Then… he takes the money extracted from the dark world of Beelzebub and uses it to
fund a REAL life with his beautiful wife and “cute as a bug in a rug” son.

And I don’t see a single, solitary reason why YOU can’t do the same.

But just be aware… you’re playing with fire. And if you’re not careful YOU could turn
into one of those CIA MK Ultra mind controlled, anally probed drones.

Click here to listen to all the deets on the latest episode of my ONLINE RADIO show,
entitled “Off The Chain.”

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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