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We’ve had a good run… but after today, it’s over.
I’m talking about my podcast, Off The Chain.
I just published the final episode. (For the reasons explained on the podcast.)
Anyhoo… in preparation for this one last episode, I asked myself the following question:
“If this were the last time you ever heard from me, what would I want to leave you
with?… READ MORE

SUBJECT: The ONLY reason 99% fail… while others make a FORTUNE…
I was a scrawny teenager.
And I started pumping iron because I desperately wanted to put on some muscle.
But I struggled for 10 long years and made very few gains.… READ MORE

SUBJECT: How to sell free info for $100,000 or more…
Wanna know how to get people to pay $7500 to $125,000 for information that’s already available for free online?
It’s actually quite simple… IF you understand human nature.… READ MORE

SUBJECT: THIS is what attracts money like crazy (you might be surprised)
I’ve discovered something that attracts money like a high-powered electric magnet on steroids.
Now before you think good ole DD has finally lost what little sanity he had left, allow me to pontificate.… READ MORE

SUBJECT: How to talk anybody into anything…
Compelling subject line, huh?
Well, it ain’t mine. It’s actually the title of a special report by my friend and colleague, Richard Armstrong.
And Richard is using this report in the most unusual way.… READ MORE

SUBJECT:  Look… HERE is the door to freedom…
As soon as I saw this strange event happening I thought, “This has gotta be the best metaphor EVER.”
In fact, IF you have what it takes… this metaphor can make you financially independent for the rest of your life.READ MORE

SUBJECT:  At last… the one big secret for HUGE success! (It ain’t what you think)
This is soooooooo counterintuitive.
It’s the complete opposite of what we’re told.
But after more than three decades as a serial entrepreneur it’s the most successful thing I’ve EVER done.READ MORE

SUBJECT:  Is you brain still running version 2.0? Here’s how to upgrade…
Some thought provoking ideas in this interview.
For one, why it’s time to upgrade your brain operating system.
And that addiction isn’t a disease.READ MORE

SUBJECT:  Porn, your brain and making lots of money…
Wow! Within only the first 90 seconds, this conversation went to an IMMEDIATE 180 from where I thought it was going.
Talk about hitting ya with both barrels right from the git-go… with no warm-up!READ MORE

If you’re awake and paying attention, then what I’m sharing HERE could be the secret to making more money than any sane human being could ever possibly need.
If that’s your thang.
Or… if you’ve already got all your financial bases covered and are looking for something more…
Then this could be an almost instant path to enlightenment.READ MORE

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