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SUBJECT: The ONLY reason 99% fail… while others make a FORTUNE…

I was a scrawny teenager.

And I started pumping iron because I desperately wanted to put on some muscle.

But I struggled for 10 long years and made very few gains.

Because I was avoiding this one thing.

And as soon as I discover this I gained almost 20 pounds of muscle in less than 3 months. (And no, it wasn’t steroids.)

It’s the exact same reason most people are struggling in business.

And the minute you embrace THIS… you can get everything you desire.

Click here and I’ll explain it all on this week’s Off The Chain podcast.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

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Prepare yourself for the uncensored, nothing held back, no BS reality of how business and life really work. Doberman Dan is off the chain.

Dan: It's good to be back with you, Canine Crew and J.R., Jonathan Rivera, a.k.a. J.R., a.k.a. Joe-Nathan, a.k.a. Joe-Nation. What other names do I call you?

Jonathan: I think you nailed all of them right there.

Dan: It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in the Sunshine State, a.k.a. the Gunshine State. Everybody is packing heat down here, man. When you see the 90-year-old little man shuffling along with his cane, don't go pissing him off, because we're all packing heat down here and he just might shoot you. And the Gunshine State. Like, gotta love that.
Hey, this might be a surprise to you. Seeing that you've seen me various times in various portly states, but I was the short and scrawny kid. Well, I'm still short as you know, but nobody's called me scrawny for decades now. I bulked up, and then in my later years, I bulked up more, but the kind of bulk that you don't want. When you’ve got the furniture disease when your chest drops down into your drawers. By the way, you haven't seen me for a while. I am at the leanest you've ever seen me, that's for sure, and I’m the leanest I’ve been in two decades.

Jonathan: Oh, wow, really? Wow.

Dan: Yeah, but I'm still short, but I was a scrawny kid, man, maybe 125 pounds, 130 pounds in high school. But that's why I started bodybuilding. I didn't want to be a scrawny kid and I got tired of being picked on, and I also kind of thought girls liked a muscly guy. So, that's why I got into that [03:00] stuff, but I wasted pretty much 10 years of my life trying to gain muscle. I was constantly frustrated because I had very few results.
When I first started working out in high school, I got results really quick, but then just kind of plateaued, and 10 years after that, man, I just worked my ass off with damn near no results, not for lack of trying, either. So I thought. I mean, I tried all kinds of stuff. All the routines that they published in the magazines that allegedly Arnold did, Arnold, or Sergio Oliva or all those guys, I thought, Oh, that's the secret. So, I’d do these marathon routines, man. I'd be in the gym for hours.
And so, I thought I was trying, but, you see, what I figured out, I was actually taking the easy way out. I did everything to avoid the number one thing that was necessary to gain muscle. By the way, once I figured that out, I made gains really fast, but after spinning my wheels for 10 years, trying to avoid this number one necessary ingredient, here's the formula I discovered for bodybuilding success.
Increased weight on the bar and/or increased reps, and/or more work, a.k.a. increased weight and/or increased reps done within a shorter unit of time. So, that is the training formula. Nutrition supplements, miscellaneous. Let me see. So, drugs will fall under the miscellaneous category, steroids. Those are all other matters entirely, but they all become irrelevant if you don't get the training formula right. So, what was the number one thing I avoided for 10 years? Inquiring minds want to know. You look like you're about to ask that question, J.R.?
Jonathan: You know it.

Dan: People don't know as we're recording this with video on Zoom. Will this video ever surface?

Jonathan: Not unless somebody...over my dead body.

Dan: Okay. Well, that can be arranged. So, the number one thing I've avoided for 10 years, in spite of the fact that it is the number one most important key to bodybuilding success—resistance. In other words, gradually and consistently making things more and more difficult. Interestingly enough, doing things to increase resistance in my entrepreneurial endeavors has been one of the biggest keys to my business success, too.
I realize this is totally contrary to what many of the making-money-online gurus have been telling you, that making money is easy and there are magic money buttons online.

Jonathan: In my pants.

Dan: [unclear 05:58.5] money buttons in my pants. [06:00]

Jonathan: Come get ’em.

Dan: I was going to say—we're talking about magic online money buttons—and you can hire somebody in the Philippines to do the button-pressing for you for $1 an hour, but then when you changed it to in my pants, I just hired somebody to press that.
Doesn't my wife look beautiful? She just came home from the peluquería—that's the beauty shop.

Jonathan: The beauty shop.

Dan: And she got her-
“The Colombiana”: Hello.

Dan: Did you want to say hi? [Spanish 06:34.1]? And she got her hair flat ironed and she looks lovely.

Jonathan: Oh, did she get the Brazilian done?

Dan: You're about to say, J.R.
“The Colombiana”: Hi. How are you?

Jonathan: Oh, looking good.
“The Colombiana”: How are you, honey?

Dan: She is looking good.
“The Colombiana”: Aw...

Dan: Let's just...you know, I want to cut this podcast short because I want to take advantage of my marital status, if you know what I'm saying. So, you look beautiful.
“The Colombiana”: Thank you, honey.

Dan: What were we talking about? Oh, we're talking about perverted stuff.

Jonathan: Magic money button.

Dan: Oh, yes. It totally works out great for where my mind is going right now. Magic money buttons in the pants. Yeah, hiring somebody in the Philippines to press the button, now that you got perverted and put it in your pants, prostitution. So, strike.... I’ve been talking about… Oh my God, this thing has gone off the rails.

Jonathan: Yeah, it has.

Dan: I just love hearing all these, the magic online ninja systems that make money for you effortlessly, all that stuff.
Listen, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But I'm right and they're wrong. Some might actually say that the internet marketing gurus are lying to you. I will leave that up to your innate intelligence to decide that. But that's why I found all this pondering and pontificating and another “P” word I can't seem to think of at this particular time. Well, I got particular in there, so.
I find it interesting, what a young copywriter recently told me. It was in in response to some advice I gave him which was not unsolicited advice. He asked for it. But then his reply was, and I quote, “I'm feeling resistance about this idea.”

Jonathan: You have feelings and you're a copywriter?

Dan: Yeah. Good point. So, this guy, God bless him, he believed that that was a reason to avoid doing it, that the fact that he was feeling resistance was like some sort of reason or confirmation to avoid doing what I've done, told him to do. And based on my—hmm, counting years in my head—35 years’ experience facing [resistance]? No, it's got to be more than that. I was just thinking of my entrepreneurial career. I was going say based on my 35 years of experience facing resistance head-on and actually engineering things to [09:00] try to increase it, the resistance that this guy was experiencing was the 100 percent without a doubt confirmation that what I was telling him was the right path. Because, you see, this has just been my life experience, okay. Now we're going back more than 35 years, because I am more than 35 years old.

Jonathan: What?

Dan: Yeah, 36, but, uh...36+...uh-hm...18. Alright, anyhoo, with the exception of learning cowboy chords on the guitar out of a book I bought when I was 7, nothing even semi-worthwhile has ever come easy for me. Yeah, okay, so, granted, the cowboy chords were easy. I bought the book. I came home. I was playing songs within minutes. That did come easy. And, now, the last 47 years of learning the guitar, has not been easy. It's been nothing but resistance.
So, nothing even semi-worthwhile has ever come easy for me. Nothing. No matter how I try to avoid it or for how long, it always turned out that the resistance was the path I needed to walk to accomplish everything I wanted. And there was no other path. Any other actions, motions, gyrations, any reasons, excuses, facts I used to justify me not marching ahead headfirst into the resistance with a "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" attitude, no matter how good those excuses sounded, all my motion to avoid resistance resulted in all my time and effort wasted, with insignificant to zero results every single time in every single thing.

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In fact, not that long ago, I paid an internationally-recognized expert to help me on a personal matter. It was actually...so it was related to music. It wasn't the mechanics of playing the music. It was head stuff that has held me back in music. It took me 18 months of waiting to finally get on this guy's calendar and, I’ve got to tell you, it was more emotionally [12:00] painful than I can possibly describe with mere words.
This expert confirmed what I’d feared the most, that I'd been avoiding the one thing, in spite of the fact of knowing better because of my business career, I'd been avoiding the one thing, the one and only thing necessary for me to truly get good in what I wanted to do, which was jazz improvisation. I've been avoiding that one thing for 47 years.
In other words, I'd been avoiding the resistance.
Sure, I'd only been...granted, okay, so in business, it was always just “full speed ahead. The hell with it. I'm going straight into this thing. I'm just head on with resistance.” So, in this case, yeah, granted, I had that. I had the business success. And I’d really only been avoiding resistance in this particularly and, admittedly, much smaller aspect of my life, my music. The thing is, I know better. It's not just avoiding resistance in that particular aspect. It affects every aspect of my life, even the other areas where I have and continue to face resistance. Damn, man.
Today's message is just, well, painful, isn't it? Whether you realize it or not, you just showed up in the ER with a gunshot wound that's going to be fatal if it's not treated. And I'm the grizzled inner city seen-it-all ER doc treating you. So, got bad news. Digging that 9-millimeter slug out of your chest cavity is going to hurt, and it's going to hurt bad, but if you're not ready to withstand the pain for a short period of time, here's your prognosis. You gonna die, dude.

So, yes, I admit, I'm not the messenger with particularly pleasant and uplifting news today. I will admit that. But for that I will not apologize, because today could be the beginning of the rest of your life, man. In fact, a life better than you can possibly even imagine at this moment right now. And I'm the dude pointing to the path that's going to lead you there, because it's the only path.
My only question is this: Will you take it? Will you embrace the resistance? And will you confront it head-on?
That is my question to you.
Okay, strike that. I was going to drop the mic. I thought we're done. Take it back. One more question. One more thang, and it's important.
So, have you ever heard the saying “familiarity breeds contempt,” Jonathan?

Jonathan: Yes.

Dan: If you've been on my list for a [15:00] while or you’ve been a listener to this podcast for a while, maybe you've got some amount of contempt for me circulating in your cranium. And how that usually manifest is by not paying much or any attention to me, what I'm trying to teach you. It's like, Ah, it’s just the old Doberman Dan. I hear from him all the time. He's always saying the same stuff.
And, granted, I will admit, if you're looking for the perfect messenger, you're certainly not in the right place. But if God can use an ass to deliver a message like he did in the Bible, then, well, he's using this ass right now today to deliver a message.
But that's the problem with familiarity breeds contempt, because you discount the message because of the messenger. Well, me, me, myself and I, and all the successful entrepreneurs I personally know, we can tell you that if you make that mistake with this message, you're making a grave error that's probably going to ruin your life, seriously. No hype. No exaggeration. Not taking this advice is going to make your life suck out loud. That's like when something really sucks, I always say it sucks out loud.
Even worse, it'll make you less of a man or woman, like me talking about, Oh, yeah, hey, I'm only avoiding resistance when it comes to jazz improvisation, but listen, it affects everything, man. It will. You may think you're fooling yourself, but it'll make you less of a man or woman. And no matter how you ignore it or deny it, deep inside, you'll know it.
But, even worse, much worse, your spouse and your children will know it, too. Yeah, sure, they're probably not going to say, Gee, dad, gee, Mom, I think a lot less of you because you've demonstrated time and time again by avoiding resistance that you're not the man or woman you should, you could and should be. They won't say that, but trust me, you can see it in their eyes. Ouch, huh?

Jonathan: Oh, they'll be thinking you suck out loud.

Dan: Suck out loud. And, in fact, speaking of resistance, if you weren't experienced in it before, I'd be willing to bet maybe you're even experiencing resistance to this message right now, and I think that's great, because that's just more confirmation that I'm right, as I always am.
So, listen, have you ever read Steven Pressfield’s stuff?

Jonathan: I’d only just heard about him a couple weeks ago.

Dan: Okay, on the call with Richard Armstrong, right?

Jonathan: Yes.

Dan: And I'm not talking about his fiction stuff, which is excellent. He wrote a lot of successful books [18:00] that were turned into movies. Probably the one he’s most known for is The Legend of Bagger Vance, a movie about golf, and Will Smith is the main character, Bagger Vance, but interestingly enough, based on the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu Bible, so interesting where inspiration could come from.

But I'm talking about Steven Pressfield’s advice to writers like his book War of Art. I think any artist should get that book, because what you're going to find is and my message to you today is embrace the resistance. And here's why—because it's the universe telling you that you can do it. Because think about it, if you couldn't do it, whatever it is you want to do that you're now experiencing resistance about in any form, if you couldn't do it, there's no reason to try and stop you. Just you go and do whatever the hell you're going to do, because you can't do it and you're going to fail. There's no reason for resistance to attack you.
So, get excited when you're “feeling resistance”, as my young copywriter friend said, and instead of using that as an excuse like he did to tuck tail and run, use that as confirmation that whatever it is you want to do, by God, without a doubt, you can do it.

Jonathan: What do you want the listeners to do?

Dan: I want them to embrace the resistance—thank you. Nice setup—face the resistance head on because it's just confirmation you're on the right track. I'd love to help you face your resistance. If you qualify, I will help you.
You can get all the details about that at FameForPorfit.com. Basically, I'll help you get your brilliance out to the world in a way that that will bring in a constant flow of what I call “whale clients.” Those are the best clients to deal with. They ain’t a pain in the ass like the penny pinchers and they're the highest paying clients, and that's what Fame for Profit is all about.

I've made myself famous in my, granted, narrow little niche, my narrow little world, but dagnammit, I'm famous and I'm doing the same thing for others. You can find out about that from FameForPorfit.com. If you're feeling resistance about that when you check out that site, hey, my brutha or sista, that's just more confirmation that that's probably what you need to do.

Jonathan: Love it. Love it. Alright, that is a wrap for another Off the Chain show, Canine Crew. We’ll be back in your earbuds next time. Thank you for tuning in.

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