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Whether you market your real estate business with postcards, bandit signs or online marketing, you market for one thing: Deals.
Now, you can do marketing which sends a trickle of leads to your business, allowing you to close a deal every once in a while.… READ MORE

When you learn about online marketing for your real estate business, you eventually have to learn about data. Data is everywhere and investors from the lowest to the highest levels tout the value of data.… READ MORE

As an investor, you’ve probably looked at your local market—and found the one thing you hoped you wouldn’t find: Fierce competition. Many investors despair in the face of competition. They think they’ll never close a deal, they give up on their dreams of doing what they love.… READ MORE

There’s hardly a better feeling than closing a deal. It helps us feel successful. It makes us money. And it gives the seller peace of mind.
But in the real world, not every deal goes through that smoothly.… READ MORE

Digital marketing is awesome: Done well, you get to generate highly targeted leads on autopilot while you invest a fraction of what you make back.
While this is the reality of many investors, many others try their hand at online marketing, think they don’t see results… and quit.… READ MORE

If you can pull off effective organic marketing, you’re golden: You get traffic on autopilot which then turns into leads (assuming your website converts)—without spending a penny on clicks, traffic or engagement.… READ MORE

As a business owner and investor, you risk something every day. Every dollar you spend on advertising, every investment in coaching, every new idea you turn into reality. There’s always a chance things don’t work out.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard people tell you that FB ads or AdWords is the way to win. Maybe you’ve even tried to run a campaign yourself.
Whether you’ve failed or made money, one question probably bugs you:
What’s the right amount to spend?… READ MORE

You can control many things: You control which marketing you run, who does your accounting, which agency you work with, which ZIP codes to focus on, etc.
Now, there’s one thing you have no control over—the market.… READ MORE

In business, we often want things to be as easy as 1-2-3. If you had a single cause-and-effect relationship for each of your goals outlined, you would achieve them in record time, every time.
The problem is: Reality is more complicated.… READ MORE

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