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Are you ready to ignite your passion for the unexplored and transform your life?

Today Cherylanne joins forces with Alison Hare, who left her corporate life to step into the wild world of new beginnings. Discover how trying things like silent retreats, adventure hikes, psychedelic assisted therapy, and a fitness dance class reinvigorated Alison, Then use what she’s learned to inspire your own explorations!

This is your invitation to break free from the ordinary – are you daring enough to answer the call and make every day a canvas for joy and self-discovery?

Show Highlights:

  • Have you given yourself permission to try new things? [00:38]
  • Discover the importance of financial independence for women. [06:05]
  • Find out how you can recognize what you actually want to do. [11:42]
  • Learn Alison’s life-changing story of leaving corporate life. [14:27]
  • How to keep your spirit of exploration alive [16:46]
  • The philosophy of being a “late learner”. [17:04]
  • A guide to learning ways of making an impact. [19:54]
  • Break free from outdated conventions. [21:01]
  • Micro Choices, Macro Impact! [22:37]
  • Taking things slow and one day at a time. [25:50]
  • Find out how being intentional and authentic led to a life transformation! [29:32]
  • Have you ever worked on your relationship with yourself? [31:17]

To connect with Alison and the New Year Challenge or to check out the Late Learner podcast, visit. alisonhare.com/newnew

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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