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Get ready to unlock the ultimate game-changer in today's episode of the Expose and Expand PodcastShow. Joshua and Jeremy are about to reveal the secret competitive advantage that's been right under your nose: the transformative power of personal relationships!

Jeremy and Joshua share very personal tales of struggle, growth, accountability, and the magnetic force of a supportive partner that can catapult you to unparalleled heights.

Tune in now and transform your world.

Show Highlights:

  • How can your partner help you boost your business? [01:21]
  • The importance of helping each other grow! [03:53]
  • Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? [05:35]
  • How does an incompatible partner affect your business? [07:34]
  • How to create the space to get competitive advantage from a partner? [11:10]
  • Learn about the transformative impact of personal accountability on your partner. [13:58]
  • Discover the key to having life long commitment! [16:31]
  • How to add value to your relationship with your spouse? [18:09]
  • How does personal happiness translate into business? [22:43]
  • Learn about the ways to support your partner to be your competitive advantage. [24:39]
  • Making your partner feel defeated is the recipe for disaster. [27:32]
  • Find out this critical key to success. [28:30]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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