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Women generally hold themselves to certain standards that keep us seen as ‘good’ in the eyes of society. We try to play safe and only exhibit certain ‘accepted’ behaviors because of this.

But why?

Why do we hold ourselves to these standards and deprive ourselves of our essential wants, desires, and even dreams?

Elise Loehnen helps us dig deeply into that today. She’s the owner of the podcast Pulling The Thread, a podcast dedicated to pulling apart the stories we tell about who we are and putting them back together. She’s also the former host of the Goop podcast and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

Elise helps us reconsider the origin of our desire to be seen as good, as girls and even as women. She challenges a number of long held beliefs, the historical context behind them, and whether it’s still right to follow those structures.

She also reveals how you can break free of these high and unreasonable standards and expectations set by society for you, and trust your natural instincts, so you can live a more balanced, peaceful and spiritual life.

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • How women tend to be harder on women than men (and how it affects us negatively). (06:22).
  • How you can flip your envy to a net positive and gain from it (instead of constantly simmering with jealousy). (14:32)
  • The disparity between how society treats men vs. women (and how it’s destructive). (17:34)
  • The shocking origin of the seven deadly sins, and how it influenced our view of religion and the sexes today. (18:42)
  • How we set high, unreasonable standards for what a good woman is for ourselves (and expect every other woman to live up to it). (29:07)
  • The health effects of constantly denying yourself your essential needs and wants. (36:55)

For Elise's Book and Substack, link to: https://eliseloehnen.com

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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