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If you’re listening to this, you probably procrastinate. Maybe in all aspects of your life, maybe in just one, but you do.

Because even if you have everything running on time and seemingly perfectly in your life, there are still areas in which you might procrastinate.

The truth is there are some psychological patterns that actually drive procrastination. And we don’t always recognize them.

So we keep blaming ourselves and the wrong things for our constant procrastination.

But you don’t have to anymore.

In this episode, you’ll discover 5 little known patterns that bring procrastination into your life and how to work with them to snap out of that procrastination cycle.

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • 5 little-known patterns that drive procrastination. (2:34)
  • Why it’s not always a lack of self-discipline that makes you procrastinate (and a system you can implement to help your defeat procrastination) (2:59)
  • Why we really put off starting new things (and how to know if this phenomenon is what makes you procrastinate) (6:16)
  • How huge projects can completely ‘paralyze’ you (and what to do to snap out of this state) (10:17)
  • How gunning for perfect outcomes keeps you from actually executing anything. (13:38)
  • The first step you should take to help manage your procrastination. (20:35)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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