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There’s a certain superpower that all the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs have.

This superpower created Southwest. It bought the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s why we’ve become millionaires. And it will be the reason why you become a millionaire or not.

The superpower?

It’s not brilliance, a certain skill set, or even your network.

No, the superpower is taking massive imperfect action. It sounds simpler than it is, but most people spend their whole lives creating a “perfect” business plan… only to never actually take the first step towards building it.

The wealthiest and most successful people don’t do this:

They take action first, experience massive failures, then use those failures to guide them to success.

In today’s show, you’ll discover how to take massive imperfect action, how to prevent giving up after you fail, and how viewing failure as a stepping stone will help you reach your first 7-figure year.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “MIA” method for actually starting (and achieving) your goals—even if you make boneheaded mistakes along the way (0:52)
  • How perfection paralyzes even the best business plans (and why failing is the quickest way to absurd wealth) (1:39)
  • The only common thread between every millionaire and billionaire in the world (and how you can use this “secret” to make your first 7-figures) (4:32)
  • How to get into real estate investing even if you have no money or connections (10:19)
  • Why “wasting” $70k on scams fast tracks your real estate investing success (even if it feels like a complete waste of money at the time) (10:59)
  • The “motion, not direction” secret responsible for creating more millionaires than any other success secret combined (24:33)
  • The “F-word” which is the difference between becoming a millionaire before you hit 40 or living a mediocre life (25:18)
  • Why childhood traumas prevent you from growing your wealth to 8-figures and beyond (and how to overcome your childhood traumas) (26:18)
  • 4 simple ways to upgrade your belief system and magnetize wealth into your bank account (28:17)
  • The “19 isms” formula from Dan Gilbert that’s transformed him into an NBA team-owning billionaire (32:01)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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