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There’s a voice in our head…and it isn’t very nice.

Labeling us, attacking our insecurities, and constantly making us feel like we’re just not good enough..

If we let it, this negative inner dialogue can really take us under, keeping us stuck and even making us question who we truly are.

But we can change that negative dialogue to a positive one. We can start our day motivated and move through it full of energy. We can be inspired to take action on your goals.


In this episode, I explain how to give that inner voice a character and quality that supports you, motivates you, and drives you to take action.

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • The two types of inner dialogue that can incapacitate you (and how to recognize them). (2:00)
  • How to tune into your inner voice so you can successfully shift your inner dialogue (and build your truest, wisest and most embodied self). (6:14)
  • 3 inner voices you can adopt to pull yourself in a positive direction) (instead of engaging in negative inner dialogue). (7:57)
  • How developing a ‘dog-voice’ can improve your mood and keep you rooted in the present. (8:04)
  • The kind of inner voice you can use to provide insights for yourself to take action. (10:39)
  • How being a coach to yourself can give you encouragement and motivation exactly when you need it. (13:21)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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