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We are working all the time. And not always in the classical sense: going to an office, burning late hours etc.

Instead, we use most of our waking hours to do things that feel like work. Whether it’s calls taken from the car, scheduling people to do other work, taking care of our parents, or organizing new projects.

There is always something to be done. And we never feel like we are ever completely finished.

That’s why we don’t know how to truly rest, how to savor the peace that comes with recharging and having a life outside work.

So how do we find time to rest? And how do we maximize that rest period without being unsettled about what we’ve left undone?

In this episode, I reveal how you can build tolerance for “the undone”. You’ll discover how to use your rest time to properly recover yourself without fretting over what is still waiting for you…

Listen in…

Show Highlights Include:

  • What ‘otium’ is and how Ancient Romans used it to participate in stimulating activities (and how you can use it to move to a state of flourishing). (4:06)
  • Why we spend hours mindlessly scrolling instead of truly resting. (9:43)
  • Four ways you can build tolerance to manage the undone (so you can fully have time to yourself for noble leisure). (17:44)
  • The critical first step to wrapping your head around how much undone activity you have to tackle. (12:35)
  • Why you should use this ‘time-limit’ method to manage the undone and finish tasks. (15:41)
  • How to give yourself mental freedom to tolerate tasks being undone. (20:16)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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