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Most corporate workplaces buy into certain myths that can unintentionally keep women and minorities from reaching their potential (even in diverse and progressive companies).

My guest today, Deanna Bass, has codified these myths that keep true equality just out of reach. One of my earliest mentors during my corporate career, Deanna will rekindle your innate confidence that there is plenty of room for you to achieve your professional dreams, and moreover, that you can bring others along with you. To do so you’ll need to challenge some long standing myths, and reveal the reality they’re masking.

Listen now and discover how to be part of forging stronger companies and a more diverse world.

Show Highlights Include:

  • The weird “Serendipity Secret” for attracting life-changing opportunities (8:51)
  • Why men must play their part in advancing women and achieving gender equality (20:54)
  • Why most women and minorities advocating for diversity in the workplace do it as an unpaid side job (22:45)
  • 3 narrative myths about women in the workplace which makes attaining equality more difficult (25:51)
  • How men’s overestimation of their potential damages a pipeline of diverse talent (and how to fix it) (30:04)
  • Why treating a job post as a wishlist help you land jobs you’re “unqualified” for (32:17)
  • The reason why women naturally fit into modern leadership roles more than men do (33:46)
  • Why “imposter syndrome” is actually humility in disguise (and gives diverse leaders a massive advantage) (34:10)
  • How choosing an equal partner at home helps women advance in their careers (43:28)
  • The counterintuitive way giving men paid maternity leave creates more equality at home and in the workplace (48:05)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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