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We’re often raised to seek approval from others:

At school, we’re rewarded for behaving well and studying. As adults, we get job titles and money when we work hard.

That makes it easy to neglect the things nobody rewards us for.  But the moments no one else sees are often the most fulfilling and meaningful.

And if you make more of those moments happen, you’ll be happier and feel more fulfilled.

Today, as I talk to Emily Thomas, Chief of Staff of Cultivate What Matters, she shares how to design a life where each day adds up to something special. 

Listen to discover how to intentionally set goals rooted in what truly matters and how to create habits that will impact not only your present but also your future.

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to find out what really matters to you without getting distracted by social media (06:42)
  • How to use “power sheets” to set your priorities and turn your dream life into reality (10:55)
  • The “reflection” approach to goal setting that helps you quit seeking instant gratification (15:16)
  • How to make achieving your goals fun (instead of feeling overwhelmed) (16:12)
  • Why telling yourself stories helps you prioritize and let go of outdated expectations of yourself (18:02)
  • A simple tool backed by behavioral psychology that can help you take back ownership of your time (24:19)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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