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Do you really know who you are? In a world with social media and Facebook polls, it is easy to forget and when you are trying to appease others and avoid judgement. Your desire to make others happy can leave you feeling lost, confused, and empty.

My guest today is Julie Reiser, Life Designer and author of “Get a PhD in YOU”. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Public Health and a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching combined with years of experience helping others get to know themselves, Julie is just the person to talk with about how to discover the real you.

In today’s show, Julie and I will be discussing her road to success, the best tips for getting in tune with yourself, her book “Get a PhD in YOU”, and how you can get it for free!

Show highlights include:

  • The truth about success that nobody talks about (9:34)
  • The core belief you must have if you want to meet your goals (11:59)
  • How understanding your past is crucial to discovering your future (13:33)
  • Why the answer to this one question is essential to finding success (14:42)
  • What is the real value of knowing yourself? (16:16)
  • How you can add meditation to your day in less than a minute (21:48)
  • How this one exercise can help you answer your toughest questions (24:14)
  • How coincidences may be more than just that and why you should keep track of them (27:03)

To get a free copy of Julie’s book, “Get a PhD in YOU” go to https://juliereisler.com/freebook

Get the tools and worksheets to accompany her “Get a PhD in YOU” Companion Journal at https://juliereisler.com/journal

Check out the video series on how to master yourself and your career with “Get a PhD in YOU: Business Edition” at https://juliereisler.com/newbook

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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