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One of the biggest lies you’ll hear “it’s who you know”.

You could spend decades honing your skills and be extremely valuable. But if nobody knows you, you won’t make money, and you’ won’t change lives.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to stay “top of mind” amongst your colleagues, community… and even strangers!

By listening to this episode, you'll have the knowledge to attract clients and business partners instead of hustling for them.

So if you want access to the best opportunities before someone else snaps them up, listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “who knows you” principle that lets you attract wealth (1:01)
  • The 60-second game plan that will kickstart your social media growth (even if you’re terrified of speaking in public) (5:25)
  • How to turn one piece of content into two or more “eyeball magnets” that let you dominate your dream client’s attention (7:35)
  • Why letting people steal your ideas is extremely profitable for your business (13:45)

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host., Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome everybody. It's Chris Garrison. You have made it to “the bigger vision” podcast. And I'm super excited about the subject matter today because it's something that's very dear to my heart, it's something that has transformed my life and has projected me to newer heights. It has grown me in every capacity and it is about “who knows me”. You've all heard the saying before.

It's about who you know, wrong. It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you. It's about who knows you and what you do. That is how you attract wealth. That is how you bring in what you want. If people do not know you and they don't know you exist and they don't know what you do, then how in the world are you going to grab a hold of what you want, to make money? It takes people. You've got to have people to have anything in life. (01:35)

It's about community. If you don't have a community, you're not going to find growth. If you don't have community, you're not going to have strength. If you don't find community, you are not going to reach your goals. Everything follows people. That is why it's so important that people know who you are, because if they know who you are, then at that point, they're able to ask you for the services and the value that you bring.

When you bring value, you get paid for it. The marketplace is always looking for value. And that is where the money is going to get past, when value is given. There's an exchange of currency anytime that value is pushed across the table. So how do you get in front of others? How do you get a massive group to know you? It takes marketing and branding. (02:34)

There's gorilla marketing, meaning you're just out busting the streets down and knocking on doors, letting folks know who you are and what you've got and how you're going to help them in their life and make it better. Because if you're bringing value, that is what's going to allow you to receive income and revenue that is going to help you reach your lifestyle and your goals.

The other way is using social media, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, whatever other platforms there are, that I don't use. Whatever platforms there are, if there are people there, if you've got an audience, then plug into it. Almost all of those social media platforms are free. You don't have to pay for advertising. You just got to get on there. And you've got to post, you've got to put video out, put pictures out, put content out, bring some value so that people will pay attention to you. (03:35)

Then at that point, you've got an authority and influence and you can at that point have relationship capital. That's what that term means, because money follows people. And when you bring value, people will follow you because that's what we do. That's what we want to look for. If it brings value to ourself, we're going after it. You're on this podcast right now because you hope to receive value from this podcast.

The content that's coming across, I'm giving you value and I'm creating a relationship, which is going to ultimately at some point, give me relationship capital, may not be directly from you where I receive capital. It may be from the person that you mentioned my name to, it may be from that person's mention to someone else. You never know where it's going to come from. That's why you need to always make sure you don't burn bridges. (04:37)

Don't be that guy or that girl that sits there and burns the bridge because something didn't happen the way they wanted it to happen. And they say, forget you, I'm gone. Never speak to you again. That's killing opportunity. Why would you do that? Why would you let somebody affect you so much in that manner that you would possibly miss some opportunity that would come your way, so you've got to make sure that people know who you are.

Social media is one of the best ways that I have seen available for you to get your name out there, for you to get what you do out there. Take a video, get past your insecurity, get uncomfortable so that you can have some growth and post a video out there. And then do it consistently. Start with just one video a week. Don't do it live. Do a video, do a 60 second video of (Hi, my name is Chris Garrison). (05:31)

I'm here with “bigger vision” and I am transforming lives today because we are talking about mindset, business and investing. That's an example. And you got some folks standing behind you, or you're standing in a room with an inspirational banner behind you or a pitcher or logo. On my disaster cleanup business. This is how I built it.

I got on social media and I would walk in and someone's pipes had busted and there was water all over the floor. And I say, Hey, “this is Chris Garrison with absolute cleaning and restoration”. I got some excitement behind my voice. Matter of fact, I had several folks that would say you're so loud. I said, yes, but you remembered me. You watched it. That's all I'm trying to do is to make sure that I'm memorable. So I'd say, (Hey!! this is Chris Garrison with absolute cleaning and restoration). (06:19)

I'm here on site at a house where a water heater supply line busted and it's affected the floor. And we've got this amazing matte system that is sucking water out from underneath the floor so that we can save these hardwood floors. Not only are we saving the hardwood floors and we're saving money for the insurance company, but we're also saving time of displacement with the customer out of their home.

Because if these floors were not salvageable, then the customer would have to be out in a hotel away from their home where they find refuge and safety because the contractor would be in replacing the floors and the timeline of their life being disturbed is much greater, but because we've got knowhow and we're going to show you the absolute difference, we're able to shorten that timeline and get the customer back. Like it never happened before. So these are the types of videos that you want to post and no, you're not going to do it perfectly the very first time you do a video, that's why you do a video that you can delete and re-record. (07:18)

I can't tell you how many that I re-recorded and then posted with a cool tagline that said #water extraction on wood floors and then I did my company tagline #experience the absolute difference. And once I made that video, I took that video and I hit the copy on the text and I would move it over to LinkedIn and I would paste the text and then I would post the video underneath the text.

I would move it over to Instagram and I would paste the text and I would drop the video, if I started it on Facebook, vice versa. So you can repurpose this content that you make and it's giving you exposure to your marketplace. If you don't have friends on these social networks, you need to be pushing to try to gain more friends. And how do you gain an audience? Is by posting valuable content. I have found that people will sit there on YouTube and they'll sit there on TikTok and they'll watch these ridiculous videos because it's entertaining. (08:27)

So make sure you've got some entertaining content in the background while you're videoing so that people will click on it and listen to what you're saying, because they need to hear what you're saying and then make a statement that's above it that you want them to retain from their time that they've spent on your video, just in case they never click the volume and they just sit there and let it reel through.And they watch the visual aspect only.

This is a simple concept that will grow your branding of yourself at the same time, the branding of whatever business that you're pushing at that moment. And if you're not pushing a business and you're just trying to brand yourself then brand you, while you're out and about, let them know what you're doing that's exciting and show them through the video that it's exciting. Don't just do the pictures and definitely don't just do content without a picture or without a video because the majority of the population is visually inspired. (09:35)

If you've got something visual for them to look at, they will tune in. So this is how I have been able to get in front of individuals. Why did I start this podcast? Because I wanted to see others prosper. I wanted to see others live in success.I wanted to see others grow their financial literacy and understand concepts of business and know that mindset is the very first thing that you have got to get right. So that you can grow in business.

And then once you've got that, you need to graduate into investing. Because now you've got a little revenue that you can put to work for you, and you can stop trading your time for the revenue, because now you've got enough revenue that's making you new revenue. That's the end goal. I want to be the bank, I want to be the one, that I am able to help others reach their dreams and the lifestyles that they want because it takes revenue for them to be able to invest in whatever it is, whether it's a product, a business, it takes a little revenue. (10:41)

And if I can be that catalyst for them, by being the bank, by making smart decisions and growing my income so that I can do that. That's what I want to do. And that's me personally. But I can't do that, If people don't know about me, I can't reach my goals. If no one knows what I do and who I am. I had someone reach out to me just yesterday.

And they said, Hey, Chris, my husband and I have bit off more than what we want to chew on this flip. And I started to call someone else. And then I thought, why am I not calling Chris? This is exactly what he does. I've had one, two, maybe three, I've had one lunch with this person. She came to our group meetup, our bigger vision group meetup that we do locally at Tupelo, Mississippi. And maybe I was in a room with her another time, now three impressions with the person. (11:41)

And one of those I know for sure that I never spoke about real estate, the other possible two encounters. There was probably some real estate talk. The only way that she knew that I really did this and to remember, is my social media post, because I am constantly trying to stay extremely consistent in the path of making sure individuals know who I am and what I do.

I am constantly trying to brand myself. You've got to brand yourself, the best thing you could ever do. I don't care if you're a receptionist. I don't care if you're a fast food worker. I don't care if you work in a factory or if you're the greatest entrepreneur ever. You've got to brand yourself because when people know the value that you carry, opportunities will open up and those opportunities will allow you to reach your potential in life. And that is what it's about. (12:40)

We want to hit our potential because that is where we are going to find our most satisfaction because when we achieve, satisfaction follows, so what are you going to do? I'm going to give you a call of action, start making one post a week on whatever social platform that you're on and do the video, a selfie video with some cool stuff in the background, whatever you're doing.

And then, I want you to put a short phrase above the video so that people, if they don't click on it and hear what you're saying, they get what you're saying. So just give me a summary and above that video. And then I want you to repost it on your other social media sites. For me, it's Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Those are the three. And let me tell you another thing that just happened this week. I had two things that came from my social media posts this past week. (13:43)

A hard money lender asked to have lunch with me because he saw that I was in real estate and he was interested in deploying his money into real estate for a return and had lunch with him, explained to him what I was doing. Just got to know him, asked him questions, wanted to find out about him because that's how a good networking meeting would take place. You hear a little bit about them, and then you tell a little bit about yourself. Don't just go in there and bla and ask, you go in there and try to give value.

Anytime you meet with someone for the very first time, for sure, try to give value. So I was giving content about what I do, how I do it. I didn't have a scarcity mindset that he was going to steal it and go do it. If he did, then he's not the person that is supposed to be lending me money. He's the person that's supposed to be out there making it happen. But if most folks with the money are not interested in doing operational side, they're interested in making a return on their money so that their money's working for them. (14:44)

So this hard money lender invited me out to lunch, paid for my lunch and then asked me how he could help me. And I said, Hey, I'd be helped if you wanted to give me a hundred thousand. And that would help me on these rehabs for this real estate. And then we began to discuss terms and he called me the very next day and said, Hey, I'm going to get the paperwork together next week.

And I will get that money over for you. And I asked for something that he has not done yet. It was a 12 month term and he was used to doing little three and six month terms. But because I asked, I was able to get it. And because I had posted on social media, what I was doing, I had that opportunity, that door opened up for me. So stop being a secret agent, stop hiding in the shadows, stop having a scarcity mindset, move out into the forefront, move out and be okay with some criticism. (15:44)

I'm going to tell you what, if you have haters, it means you're making it. If you don't have haters, then it's time to increase and do something more because you're going to have opinions because opinions are out there. It's just like butt holes and they all stink. And that's the way it is. But if you can sit there and make sure people know about who you are and what you do, opportunities are going to come your way. And then success is going to increase and then satisfaction and happiness is going to increase because you are achieving your goals, the commitments that you've made to yourself.

Listen, I want you to live in success. I hope you received major help from this content that was just given to you. I do have a small request, go on to Facebook. If you got a Facebook account and join “bigger vision” Facebook group, it's a free community, costs you absolutely nothing. It's a ton of value. The more people we have there, and the more contribution that they give the better the community is. (16:46)

That's what we're looking to do, is grow that and the content that is dropped for everybody to the pull value from, also you can find me on the web at www.mybiggervision.com. We talk about real estate there. I've also got a plugin for all the podcasts. So if you wanted to share that somewhere with a friend or family, if for some reason they didn't have Spotify iTunes or whatever platform you're listening on, then please hit the like button, hit this subscribe button, give me a five star review and drop me a comment.

I'd like to hear your opinion about it. I'd like to hear what you want to hear in the future, just let me know, it fuels me. It helps me keep going on these podcasts because I know it's making a difference in people's lives. And that is what ultimately I find my most satisfaction from, is knowing that I am helping others achieve. There is a feeling like no other that comes from giving, it’s the givers gain. You've probably heard that before. I love to see other people succeed because that's what it's all about. You standing in the sunshine is not taking any of my sunshine away, so let's live in success. And until next time. (18:01)

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