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We all fall back on routines over and over again. 

You can go a whole day without noticing them, but these habits define who we are as people – and how successful we are in our lives.

Start your day with the habits of a lazy, low-energy loser… you'll become a lazy, low-energy loser. 

Start your day with the habits of your wealthy, healthy idol… guess what you'll become? 

So how do you know if your routines are holding you back? And what habits will unlock a life of abundance? 

Listen to this episode to find out! 

Show highlights include: 

  • The new, potent “stimulant” that gives you more energy than a Red Bull… side effects include clear thinking, a powerful physique and a longer lifespan (1:49) 
  • Achieve crazy success by talking to yourself like a “crazy” person (4:04) 
  • How to double the effectiveness of your workout by plugging “brain steroids” into your ears (7:00) 
  • How to “become the bank” so that you can give more and maximise your freedom (8:48) 
  • Go from restless nights to the deepest sleep of your life by scribbling a few lines on a notepad (11:43) 
  • The only app you need to take your planning and preparation to the next level (13:43)

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way. If you're willing to put in the work in “bigger vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth, that let you live the life of your dreams. And now here's your host, Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome everybody. It's the “bigger vision'' podcast. This is Chris Garrison. Appreciate you tuning in today. And I'm looking forward to the subject because this is something that has totally changed my life and it's routine that will change your life. When I finally began to implement this into my daily activity, I began to see growth exponentially. I began to see my entire life change. I began to see my goals get met. I began to see my dreams get bigger.

I started seeing an attraction of a different caliber of person, someone that had a bigger mindset, someone that was more ambitious, someone that was growing their lifestyle, and trying to better themselves every single day. I hope you've had a great week so far? One of the things that I have also learned is if you want change, then you've got to change something. (01:39)

The question is, what do I change Chris? Well, let's start changing the smallest little activities of your day. Here's what I've learned when you wake up in the morning and you get activity right off the bat in your life, physical activity, like a little bit of exercise, then blood starts flowing and you've got more oxygen being pumped to your brain.

You begin to think clearer, you don't feel the need for the caffeine and the wake me up or the energy drink that you grab. I'm still a believer in coffee, just because I love the taste of coffee as something that I look forward to every single morning. So yes, I still have coffee in my routine in the morning. That's just one of those things that makes me happy to get my day started, but I have implemented a workout routine. (02:35)

For me, I decided to get up, I know that I've got to leave my house by seven 30 to get to work by eight. I've got to get in the shower and begin to get myself ready and get my thoughts together by seven o'clock.I just began to work myself backwards and I factored in, I've got approximately a 15 minute drive time to get to the gym, stretch for about 15 minutes, work out for about 45 minutes and so forth. Long story short, I said I got to get up at five o'clock.

I'm going to get up, get dressed, move around, use the restroom. And then I'm going to head out to the gym at five 30, no later than five 30. I'm leaving the house, get to the gym, get my workout in, push it real good on mondays I do leg days. (03:28)

So Mondays are legs. Tuesdays is upper body mainly focus on my back and arm shoulder area. And then Wednesday is a chest day. Then I start over with Thursday on legs and then Friday back on shoulders, arms and that back area. Throw in some abs, typically on my Wednesday, you don't realize it, but you're actually working your core a lot when you're on leg days.

I'm just not focusing directly on abs on this day, that's my routine. Before I ever head out to the gym , I've also implemented going over my goals and speaking my affirmations. So I'll sit quietly for about 10 minutes in the house after I've gotten up and moved around just a little bit. So I don't fall back asleep about 10 minutes after being up, I'll sit down for about 10 minutes and then I'll focus and out loud verbally say what I want to be true about my life, whether it is true now or not. (04:35)

Some of the things I'll say is I've got a large network of high net worth individuals in my life. They all love to partner with me because they see me prospering, in everything that I do, everything that I touch prospers and grows. I make a lot of money for other individuals because they put their money with me. And at the same time, I am creating generational wealth for myself. I have a large influence sphere connected to my marketplace. I've got a great family life.

I spend plenty of time with my wife and kids. We are in harmony. I get to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I enjoy every day. These are affirmations that I will sit there and speak to myself. And I hear myself saying them and I do it repetitively every single day, even on the weekends, it doesn't matter every day I speak my affirmation and then I go over my goals. (05:49)

I say, I've got a thousand residential rentals. I say that I've got passive income from crypto. My crypto has made me millions. I speak that. I've got other investments that are making me millions. People trust me because I'm so effective in my investing. Cause whatever I touch prospers. So what do you think gonna happen when you start hearing yourself say that about yourself every single day, you're gonna start believing in yourself more.

You're gonna start doing things automatically to get yourself to that. There's just something psychological. I am not an expert on this, but I know what I have seen and felt in my life. And this has been a dramatic change for me and an influence that changed my life. (06:55)

By speaking these affirmations in the morning, then going to the gym and you know what I listen to at the gym. I'm not listening to AC DC. I'm not listening to whatever it is that you're into. Very rarely am I listening to music now, if that's what's popping you up then great, but make sure you don't skip out on giving training, giving yourself mindset training, giving yourself skillset training on whatever industry that you're in so that you can better yourself.

#Motivation. I listen to podcasts, “Mark Evans DM” he's one. If you haven't looked up or heard of him, he's got a mastermind, a $50,000 mastermind. I'm not in it. I look forward to being in it. Very soon, I'm aware and have a level of relationship with several individuals that are in there. He's got the podcast “making of a DM”. (07:56)

Then there is (bigger pockets) because I'm into real estate. I listen to the( bigger pockets) podcast. They talk a lot about mindset because limiting mindset will deter your goals. So I listen to them. I've recently started listening to “dropping bombs”. Can't think of a name right now, but a fairly well known guy. I also listen to Robert Kiyosaki (rich dad,poor dad) podcast. And I just try to get multiple types of influences from where my entry start and what I know is going to allow me to achieve the lifestyle that I want and to achieve the lifestyle I want. (08:43)

I need a lot of revenue because revenue solves most problems and almost everything takes revenue to be able to do it. So my goal is to have an abundance of revenue, then I can become the bank and I can influence other people's lives and help them achieve their dreams. I can also give to charity in a big way. I can begin to affect the marketplace around me and revenue is what is going to take for me to be able to do that in a big way.

There's other ways to do it as well, but revenue's definitely a part of it. So I listen to business podcasts. I listen to investing podcasts, but more importantly, more than anything else, I listen to mindset, motivation.
And most of the time it's mixed in with these particular goal setters, achievers, winners. However you want to label them. (09:44)

Most of the time, almost always mindset is mixed in with their content that is giving you skillsets for that particular craft. You've got to get the right influence in your life. You have got to get that influence and you need to stick it in your daily routine. First thing, I'm sitting at the gym after I've already said my affirmations and told myself what I was going to be as if I was already that, now I'm training myself and getting even more influence.

I'm getting built up mentally. I'm getting built up spiritually. Everything in me is being built at the very beginning of my day, before I get out into the world and I start to get hit by on a daily basis, come in contact with a bad attitude, come in contact with a problem that you got to solve. (10:44)

You got to put a fire out. Especially if you own a business, you understand that you don't know what you're going to walk into each morning. What kind of attitude you're going to have to deal with, with your staff, with the customers. And you've got to make sure that you're on point, because you are the leader. You are the one that is going to set the pace. You are the culture setter. You are the one that controls the atmosphere, the thermostat, you have your finger on it. So if you're not ready, then you're not going to be able to battle and correct.

Whatever it is right in the bud so that it doesn't affect your day. So I get up in the morning and do the affirmation. Then I go to the gym while I'm in the gym. I'm feeding myself all types of good content into my headphones. After I get back from the gym, I grab my cup of coffee and then I head to work.When I get into work, I go down my checklist of what I need to do for the day. So the night before I have said tomorrow, I want to accomplish this. I get on my iPhone. (11:49)

I open up my notepad and I put in the date I say to do, put the date and then below I start listening, I've got to get this rental rehab. I've got to get quotes on this. I've got to get material priced on this. I've got to get the shop at absolute cleaning and restoration in order, so that we can get an inventory system. Make your list out the night before, you will rest better. And you won't carry that into your sleep. And then the next day you wake up and you don't have to remember what it was that I said I did.

This has been a very big thing for me. This is something I still work on because I am like a bird dog saying squirrel squirrel. I mean, it's constant. I get all types of interruptions. (12:43)

People are coming to me and asking, What about this? How about this? And then I'll sit there and be on track and I'll be doing a task. Then all of sudden I'll see something else that leads me to another task and I get derailed, but then I have to pull myself back and because the lack of focus, it keeps me from being as effective as I should. And that is keeping me from hitting my goals quicker. And it does the same thing.

This is why make your checklist the night before. And then the next day, once you wake up and you get into the mindset and the readiness to start your day, to begin to achieve in your business life, you'll already know what you need to do. If that was just simply saying, I've got lunch with my wife or with my kids or dinner with wife, kids, family, it's there. That is a part of what you've got. And a step further stick in on your calendar. (13:45)

If this is a hard set time, then have a calendar. I personally use Google calendars and I will stick in my lunches. I will stick in anything that I know I need to do at a certain time. If the meeting set for a certain time? Because I do not like being late because it's disrespectful and it tells the other person that I don't respect their time, that they've already set aside.

I make sure i’m on time. And I am extremely disappointed in myself when I don’t make an appointment, so those go in my calendar and then anything else that's floating. I go ahead and space it into my day. How I feel like it'll fall through the course of the day. And if it's flexible, then I'll adjust it. I know it's on there, but I also have my written list on my phone that I can reference as well. So here are the things that I do, now, what you do may be different. (14:43)

Everybody's got their own thing that they do. Everybody is encouraged and influenced in a positive way differently, but set a routine up that is going to start your day positive and energetic. I know you may think that you are an afternoon workout person and if you are, then wonderful, but if you will get up and do just a little bit of activity to get your blood flowing, try it. Don't try it for a day. At first, everything sucks when you're trying to implement a routine that requires discipline.It will always suck, but if you will put 30 days into it, I think they say a habit is created. You know, statistically after study a habit is created after I believe 72 days of repetition. So keep that in mind, push past. (15:45)

Typically after you get past the first week, it's a little easier and the next week it's a little easier. And then over time it just becomes routine. This is just what I do. I get up at five o'clock in the morning. I get to the gym a little bit after five 30, I do my workout. And then I get back. When I get back from the gym, I lay on the couch for 10, 15 minutes, real close to 15 minutes. I will sit there and close my eyes and even doze off for about five minutes. My body is calming down. Then I wake up.

I am still more energetic than after a seven hour of sleep at night laying in bed. And even with that little 10, 15 minute nap, if I don't fall asleep, that's fine, but I'm sitting there and I'm just calming myself. I'm just taking in the day and getting a mindset of peace so that I bring common cool collective, wherever I go that day. So find your routine. There's a great book that I recommend you listen to. It's Hal Elrod called “the miracle morning”. (16: 48)

Hal Elrod is the author of the miracle morning, The is the book that is a great book to read. It talks about great routine activities and how it can change the course of your day and the course of your life. Here's why we set routines, because when you implement repetition, consistent repetition, and at that point, you're going to see results. So what are you putting in your life that is repetitive and are those results going to be what you want?

So if you are wanting to have a healthy life, are you eating a bunch of junk all day long? Are you not taking care of your life? Are you not taking in the nutrients that you need to take in? (17:45)

If your habit is eating junk all day and not the habit of taking good food, your life's probably not going to be healthy over the longest. You might be in your twenties right now. And you might really be filling at the top of the game, but you got to think down the road, what are you gonna feel like in your thirties? What are you going to feel like in your forties? So if you want to change your life, then you've got to change something.

So make sure that you're changing the right thing, make sure that you're implementing the positive action, not the negative actions. I got one more book for you. This is another book that really changed my life in business. And it's a great book that you can take in. I read this within just a couple of hours, a very small book called “Monday morning leadership”, and it is David cottrell little blue book, two coffee cups. (18:44)

And it was about a shift leader that was just really burned out and ended up talking to someone who he knew was extremely successful. That's where you get your advice from, the people that are successful. If they're not successful in the area, you're trying to get advice, then the rest of the time you're going to get bad advice and otherwise they would be successful. So the guy went there and got some mentorship for eight weeks in a row. And he would do his mentoring and then he would go back and implement it that week.And then he'd go back and give his results.

And he'd say, I've got this problem. Over here, now this got fixed, but I still got this problem. And then it was that kind of situation. Here's what you should try. He would go implement it, come back, give his results. And they were always positive results. Cause the dude was successful and he knew what to say. So having the right influence and then implementing the right action into your life will change your destiny. (19:49)

Change your destiny by changing something into your life, get out of your comfort zone. Let's grow. I want you to live in success!! If you enjoyed this episode, check us out on Facebook, the Facebook group “bigger vision”, and it's a free membership, lot of great content. Some great members in there that contribute as well. And then if you are interested in looking into real estate, then check out my website at mybiggervision.com.

You can find out how to contact me there. You can look me up on Facebook, “Chris Garrison”, you can look me up on Instagram, Chris Garrison84. And you can look me up on LinkedIn Chris Garrison as well. Look forward to seeing you in the future. Go live in success and let's make it happen. (20:46)

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