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Fear strikes us all from time to time.

But what if instead of wallowing in fear, you were able to harness it? You could turn fear into motivation, expand your comfort zone and ultimately become the best version of you!

In this episode, you’ll discover exactly how to do that.

So if you want to live a life of abundance instead of letting fear hold you back, listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The mindset shift that transforms fear from a threat into a weapon you can use to shortcut your success (1:19)
  • The easy way to knock down fear brick by brick and surround yourself with abundance (2:43)
  • Go from the depths of depression to the peak of success by turning fear into your personal GPS navigation system (3:36)
  • The “confident by fear” method that expands your comfort zone faster than anything else (5:22)
  • The “hand up, hand down” method that makes other people want to quickly solve your problems (6:50)
  • Why saying the “b-word” indicates that you’re playing it too safe and sentencing yourself to a life of mediocrity (9:15)

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Do you ever feel stuck in the rat race? Life doesn't have to be that way if you're willing to put in the work. In “Bigger Vision”, Chris Garrison helps you discover the keys to abundance, freedom, and personal growth that let you live the life of your dreams—and now, here's your host, Chris Garrison.

Chris: Welcome, everybody. It's Chris Garrison and you've made it to the Bigger Vision Podcast. Hope you've had a great start to your new year. We're at the second weekend from the New Year and the first week was kind of rough for me. Family got COVID. We were in the process of moving at our disaster cleanup company, Absolute Cleaning & Restoration, from our building that we were leasing into our new building that we bought and remodeled. [01:00.0]

It has definitely been eventful, and this week, though, has been much smoother, and I was on a phone call today that prompted me—or actually it was a webinar and it prompted me—to think about the subject of fear and how fear is necessary.

Fear can be a double-edged sword. It's either going to keep you from moving forward or it's going to help you progress rapidly, and what I mean by that, on one side of the edge with it keeping you back, so many people, when they look at advancing and doing something, they have the fear of the unknown, because, really, that's what fear is. It's just not knowing what the future holds and we're scared of failure. We're scared of hurt. We're scared of damage.

In the process of us not understanding what to expect, we become fearful of the future, so it prevents us and it puts us in a place of complacency because we don't want to move forward in the thought that we might allow failure to come into our life, and then others might judge us for the failure. Others might see us as less than what we want to be seen. [02:13.3]

I can think about how so many people have gotten the knowledge and have gotten the access to move forward, whether it be financially in business, in a relationship or whatever the case would be, but they never took a step because they allowed fear to hold them back because they did not understand what the future might hold, in the sense of the negative side and failure.

How do we get past that? This is how I do it. I surround myself with individuals that are doing what I want to do, and I start to find resources and educate myself on the things that I want to do. At this point, now I'm more confident in how to do it. [02:59.2]

Now I'm more confident because I’ve seen others do it and it allows me to move forward, because I'm starting to knock down those bricks of fear that were built up immediately when I thought about something and had no idea what it was going to feel like or look like in the beginning. I knew that there was going to be positive, but I didn't know how great the negative and the failures might be.

Let's just get down to the point of it. Fear is really not real because it's you thinking about what could happen in the future, but in all reality, it's not. There's no substance. The flip side of that double-edged sword, though, is that I remember in my twenties, I didn't enjoy my life. I had a lot of things going on that were my fault. I take full responsibility because I wasn't taking the action to better myself financially, better myself mentally, better myself relationally, and so my twenties were a very hard time for me. [03:58.4]

I remember walking around with the EBT card in my pocket, being dependent upon the government to pay for my groceries because of my actions that were pushing me into a negative aspect of living life instead of a positive aspect of living life. But I got so tired of it when I hit 30, I said, “I’ve got to make some change,” and I began to start to seek out change.

The only thing I knew how to do was I got on my phone and I got on YouTube and I searched motivational speeches because I had been dealing with some depression back in my twenties because of my actions and because I didn't enjoy my life because of my actions.

When I began to research those motivational speeches, I was listening to the words, and they talked about routine. They talked about getting out of your comfort zone. They talked about changing the influences in your life. They talked about educating yourself and finding those resources to help you understand a new way. [04:58.6]

If you don't have a path to go, it's like driving across the country without a GPS. I don't know if you're going to make it or not because how do you know which way to turn? Not every road is one hundred percent straight. Life definitely is not one hundred percent straight. There are dips, turns, curves, everything else, and so you need to know what direction you're going and you need to have the right influences to help you map that direction.

The double-edged sword for me was I was fearful to go back to what I felt in my twenties and that drove me even harder to never have to experience that again, so it makes me lean into those things that I am unfamiliar with. It makes me lean into those things that make me uncomfortable.

There was a saying that I heard one time when I was listening to a short-term rental guy on YouTube and he was doing an interview and, in the interview, they asked him, “What would be the billboard, the statement on a billboard, if you had one opportunity to put a billboard up? What would be your statement, your mantra?” and he said, “No growth in your comfort zone. There is no growth in your comfort zone.” [06:09.5]

That stuck with me because that's truly what it boils down to and fear is the indicator that you're getting out of your comfort zone. Fear is the indicator that you've got growth happening in your life. Fear is the indicator that is letting you know that your future is going to be better and different because you are moving into territory that is unfamiliar.

How do we get past the fear? Again, we make sure that we get the influences in education and network to help push us in and past that fear so that we reach our potential and our goals. One of the biggest things that I’ve seen help me in my life and others is when I decided to take this rabbit trail for education. [06:56.8]

I started seeking out the knowledge that I wanted and it began with free content, and then when I started getting a grasp on what direction I wanted to go, I found a thing called masterminds, and the mastermind was a paid group of individuals. We paid to get in this room with like-minded individuals, and everybody is at different levels. Some are above me and some are below me, and we've all got a hand up and we've all got a hand down where we're being pulled up and we're pulling others up with us.

You get in this room of other individuals that are like-minded, that are ambitious, that are trying to grow, that are seeking new opportunity, and you tell what your problem is. You say, Hey, my roadblock is this. I'm having this issue. I'm doing great over here, but I'm having this problem. Somebody in that room has already experienced that problem and has defeated the problem, and now they're able to give you advice. [07:54.1]

This is why a mastermind is so incredibly important to have integrated into your life. You might have just known it as mentors, but this is like a big group of mentors that want to see you do good. There's no jealousy there. This scarcity mindset is not there. They've got an abundance mindset. You standing in the sunshine doesn't take their sunshine away. You can all stand in the sunshine. You can all reap the benefits of financial benefits, business, relational, mindset, health, body, wellness, soul, spirit. It’s just amazing, when you get in a group of achievers, when you get in a room full of individuals that have been exposed to bigger things.
That is the key to success for you to grow rapidly. I truly, truly, truly do believe that it is you getting in the right rooms and paying. Eventually you need to pay. The best investment that you could ever make is in yourself because that is where it is going to fall down on whether you grow or you stay stagnant—and I'm going to let you know right now, there's no such thing as staying stagnant because the world is moving, and if you are not moving, you're being left behind. [09:15.2]

So, let fear drive you. Don't let it hold you back. Don't be the person that says, “Well, I wanted to, but …” “But what about this?” “Well, I don't know about …” Take some stinking risk. Take the risk so that you can get some reward. Take calculated risk. I'm not telling you to get out there and do gambling. You want to gamble, you go to a casino and you throw it away and you think, Okay, maybe I get it, maybe I don't.

Calculated risk is where you surround yourself with someone that has already experienced what you're trying to experience and you take in content to help you understand the steps that you're going to have to take to achieve what you're trying to achieve. Yes, there will be fear, and when you feel the fear, you know knowing that moment that you are progressing, that growth is taking place. [10:04.8]

Don't be that individual that lets fear hold you back because there are plenty of those around. There's a dime a dozen, but there are a select few that lean into the fear and get the correct wisdom and knowledge to move forward and be successful. Will you have failures? Yes, it's going to happen. You'll have some losses, but overall you'll have more gains than losses. Ask anybody successful. You'll see that they've had some losses, but the gains mount up higher and in a much greater amount than the losses. That's what it's all about. Lean to the fear and make it happen.

I want to see you live in success. If you enjoyed this episode, please hop on whatever channel that you're listening to this on. Give me a five-star review. Give me a like. Give me a share, and please leave me a comment. I'd like to hear what you think about this episode. I'd like to hear your thoughts on future episodes, what you'd like to hear about. [11:01.2]

I'm just out here in this journey of life, trying to surround myself around individuals that are looking to grow and prosper, and I'm trying to grow and prosper because I want to have abundance, because if I'm living in abundance, then I can impact the world around me, because if I’ve got so much coming in and abundance that I can't hold it in and it's flowing out, it's going to affect the people around me in a dramatic way. Then at that point, I'm making a difference in my marketplace. I'm making a difference in this world.

Just think about the one person that you touch and then that person goes and invests themselves positively into someone else. It becomes a domino effect. It's not just an arm's length of change that you're making, so that's why it's so important that you push yourself forward into growth. Get past the fear that holds you back and lean into the fear and let yourself move forward in an exponential way. I want you to live in success, and until next time, let's grow.

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