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Authority attacks you from all angles — religion, science, your parents, and even society. But you become powerless when you believe something has authority over you. 

For example, I did energy work on someone struggling with trauma at a recent retreat. After I healed him, someone who believed he had a demon exorcism asked me what authority I had to heal him since it wasn’t in Jesus’s name. 

He didn’t see that the person was relieved of his trauma. He was only concerned about the lack of authority I had to do so. And this happens all the time in your own life on a smaller scale. 

In this episode, I’m shining light on how the language you use creates biases that can prevent you from healing yourself. That way, you can challenge your own prejudices that stop you from finding joy. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why being a mindless fool supercharges your marriage and career (8:59) 
  • How your language sabotages your spirit and prevents you from healing yourself (16:40) 
  • The “Placebo Effect Method” that finally removes decades of trauma from haunting your soul (19:14) 
  • The insidious way searching for authority robs you of your ability to improve your mental health (20:04) 
  • How science and religion drowns you in misery (even if that’s not their intention) (20:58) 

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It's time to rip the cover off what really works to ditch addiction, depression, anger, anxiety, and all other kinds of human suffering. No, not sobriety. We're talking the F-word here: Freedom. We'll share, straight from the trenches, what we have learned from leaving our own addictions behind, and coaching hundreds of others to do the same—and since it's such a heavy topic, we might as well have a good time while we're at it. [00:27.6]

Bob: All right, welcome back today. We're going to start on, this is probably going to be a two-part series, we're going to talk about a couple of different events that have occurred over the past number of years in my life that can be seen a few different ways. And we're going to talk about it once from the standpoint of authority that's today. Dealing with authority, what is authority, both on a spiritual level, a social level and whatnot. And then the other one in terms of context, where we're dealing with, how we look at things because of context, in the words we use about them. So, let me start this way, way back. I was 19. I was 20, almost 21. I was 20 years old. I was in the state of Piaui in Brazil, and I was serving a mission for my church at the time. And I was so I'd been out there for about a year and a half or so, and I was the leader of a certain zone. So, I was in charge of a number of different missionaries. And then some buddies of mine were missionaries in a different zone. [01:27.7]

And there was a missionary in their house that had apparently done, you know, gotten into Weegee boards and other types of things. When he was younger, this was all stories that came to me later. Don't make too much of them yet. This is just data. And he started acting kind of weird. He would wake up at night and walk through the house naked and start talking about how the president of the church had died and how he was going to be the next prophet and how all of these things would happen. And he'd whisper cookie things into people's ears and he just started getting exceptionally weird. And they didn't know what was going on with him. And we had a mission conference. So, for those of you who don't know what it's like in the, in the LDS faith or the Mormon faith, the mission conference, we'd go and all the zones in the area got together. And so, we got together and we were there and I was, I was in charge of like one area of, of, there were several zones there. And as we were sitting there in the chapel, the mission president's wife was speaking and she, while she was speaking, this, this elder, this missionary got up and he walked all the way up toward the stage with her, but he walked toward her in this weird way. [02:33.5]

And so, there were two missionaries on the stand sitting there. And one of them, huge guy had gotten up and he was standing in front and just kind of barring the way, just trying to stop the guy from getting there. And the other guy was kind of pushing him away, elder Rice and elder Glaun. And he got past elder Rice, and then he decked elder Glaun in the face, but elder Glaun caught him, my companion jumped up to go in and help out. He knew that I had studied martial arts for a long time. I sitting on the front row in shock, like, what the heck is going on here? I didn't know what was happening. And he's like, Oh, the gardener, come on. So, I was like, Oh yeah, that's right. So, we went and grabbed him and it took us about, you know, 8 to 10 guys to grab him and carry it, carry him out. And as we were carrying them out, I was holding both of his arms on the front and he was being carried out, kind of like a plank. And he looks at me, he looks at one person on the left, speaks to him in Portuguese, looks at another person on the right, speaks to him in English, another person in Portuguese. Looks at me, he's like, I'm strong. Aren't I? And he was slipping back and forth. [03:27.4]

Now I had been psychologically primed at that point in time to think about devils and possessions and all kinds of stuff. There were people in that area that practice Macumba, which was a sort of devil worship, as least as the way we talked about it. I don't actually know what it was cause I never stopped to actually ask about it. So that's probably total prejudice on my part. I don't know. And so, I was like, Whoa, what's going on? And I'd read stories about people who were possessed, being stronger than all these different guys and all this stuff happening. And so, we carry him out. And then the mission president comes out and he puts his hands on his head and he cast the devil out a couple of times. I hear somebody scream; we're all praying. And then the guy kind of goes limp and silent and he kind of bugs out. And then he's not really able to talk for a while. So, his dad has called, gets there a couple of days later, we're sitting there taking care of him for a couple of days and they come in their last meal there in Brazil is with us in, in the house we were staying in. So, we made some food, got everything ready, and the guy didn't eat the missionary. He did, I mean, he did. He ate, he didn't speak. He couldn't say anything. And his mannerisms were like an eight, nine year old kid. [04:34.5]

And I remember as he left, he just closed his fist and he put it on elder Glaun’s cheek with this really, really remorseful look and tears in his eyes. And they gave each other a hug, you know, all for all was forgiven. And then he went home, and I never saw him again. And I thought at that point in time, wow, I've really seen this demonic possession of somebody who, when they were younger, were playing with things they shouldn't have. And then at that point in time, years later, they got back into it again, something else possessed him. I've seen a devil cast out of somebody I've witnessed it because I was there present. And I've seen how it cripples the person who's left behind to where it ruins their psychology or their capacity to function to a certain extent to where they can't really function anymore. So I've seen, I thought the power of the devil and how it affects people. And I carried that with me for years and I would tell people about my personal experience with it and how, what I had seen was very real. And I'm not going to take away any of what I saw. I saw all those things. [05:34.5]

But what I made of those things started to change one day when years later, this is like, Hmm maybe six, six years ago, we were at a ward Christmas party. So, a church Christmas party were there. It was like a Friday and there was tables set out and whatnot. And there was a guy there who was new, who I hadn't seen before. He was kind of pudgier and it seems like as the hair was kind of reddish or whatnot. And, and I, I went up to him and I wanted to say, hi, how's it going? Welcome here. You know, whatnot, you know, welcome. And we started talking and he mentioned his last name, which I'm not going to say on here, but he mentioned his last name. And I was like, Oh really? Ah, I knew somebody of that last name. He was a missionary in my mission at the time. Do you know anybody by that name? Cause we always, whenever you hear somebody's last name, where are you from? Oh, do you know? They would do this in Brazil. I'm from the United States. Oh, do you know so-and-so well, where did they live? Oh, they lived in like Michigan. Well, okay. I lived in Utah. I there's no way I would know that. So, we did that game and he was like, no, that was me. I go really? He goes, yeah, turns out I was bipolar, and I hadn't been medicated and that was one of my manic phases. [06:44.3]

All of a sudden, my entire view of that situation changes. And I look at it and I'm going, what? I don't know what to believe. I'm left with a choice. Was it bipolar or was it a devil had possessed him? And at this stage in the game, I start to sit there and consider that maybe they're both saying the same thing. They're just using different words that science and social science and stuff have developed a vocabulary. All of which is just trying to point at life experiences. And that Christianity had developed a vocabulary called devils and demons and evil spirits and stuff, all trying to point at a life experience as well. You know, maybe the person stricken with the palsy or other types of things in the Bible, they call them evil spirits, which in some cases that was literally translated as bad airs, right? Something inside them, that's causing some illness or some disease. That's the way they understood it at the time or the language they used to try and practically work it out. And so, I was left sitting there going, Oh, maybe it's just the language. [07:49.7]

Fast forward a few years, I've done incredible amounts of work in learning the body and body's anatomy, how the body heals on an energetic level and physiologically how it's orchestrated. And I've learned a lot of things about the breath and movement and whatnot. And so, I've worked for years, I published a book on energy healing a while ago to help people understand like what we're actually talking about so we don't get confused about language. And then I started working for years, helping people out just by sitting with their system and helping kind of identify certain things that are going on with them in the hopes that it would get better and better, right? Well, at a certain point, we had a retreat recently where there was a guy who had taken through some very, very deep, intensive physical work meant to help the body reassess what it wants to hold on to. Every thought that you have creates a cascade effect in your body that will change your breathing will change your chemistry, will change your posture, will change your expressions, will change your physical tension patterns, will change the way you think and what you can understand and hear and so on. [08:53.9]

Every thought you have is radically altering, so to speak. The shape of your antenna, depending on how you're thinking, or if you're not thinking at all, then you're open to everything. But any thought necessarily closes off certain things. And so, if you've had persistent thoughts over time, like I'm not good enough, nobody likes me, I'm not worthy, God hates me. I'm such a disappointment, I'll never succeed at anything. Life is hard. Money is hard. You know, I'm unlovable all of these things that we deal with with people and help them permanently eliminate these core beliefs they have about themselves in life. If that's been going on consistently for time, then that means your body is being held in a shape you're breathing. And all these other things are consistently being held in a shape. And it's developed a habit of being in that place. So, this physical work that I do gets in pinpoints where you're holding these things and helps you to finally challenge and release them as I coach you through the process of letting it go. [09:52.6]

It's intense, often there's pain involved. Sometimes there's not, but it's very, very intense physical experience that involves breathing and involves like relaxation and involves really a lot of focus. But it also gets rid of the place where all these thoughts were being held in your body so that it's easier then to change the thought. So, this is one of the things we offer in our retreats and it's beautiful, beautiful work. And I've seen so much life change. My life radically shifted when I started experiencing this type of work as well. And so, I learned how to do it. I've been training how to do it with the one of the best in the world and for some time, and I started offering this work. [10:31.3]

If you or someone you know is looking to drop the F-bomb of “Freedom” in their life, whether that's from past trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, or any other host of emotional and personal struggles, but they just don't know how or wants some help doing it. Head on over to thefreedomspecialist.com/feelbetternow and check out some of the things we've got in store for you or book a call so we can look at your unique situation and get you the help that you're looking for. [10:59.6]

So, at one of our retreats, I took a guy through it. Now others were sitting on the side watching, just trying to see what was going on. And he bore his way through it, like nobody's business. But then at the end of it, finally, I leaned down and it just seemed like I needed to say a few words to him. And I leaned down to his ear because he just sat there, quiet, just dealing with it. And I said, don't, you dare walk out of here, still holding this. It's your job to let this go. I cannot let it go for you. And at that point he started swinging, he was pounding on the floor with his fists. I got my head out of the way in time. And he was just like, Oh, and he screamed a couple of times. And then he got up and his eyes were closed. And I could tell that this was a guy who was still inside of his memories and psychology is working something out. I'd seen it before. No big thing. So, as he's in there, going through this process other people are watching. I see a couple of them start praying and I'm just paying attention to what's there. [12:01.9]

Now this is a guy who was molested as a kid, abused right. And that forced him to create all kinds of stories about who he was, where he, where he fit and where he belonged and all kinds of other stuff. And I could see him kind of processing it, but he was making grunting noises…grrrff… and he was kind of swinging and there was just kind of an energetic, jitteriness and anxiety in the room. So, I stood up and doing what I had learned I just sat there, and I moved my hands in a certain way and just brought the energy back down, that's all I did. Nothing special, it's not something nobody can learn. It's not like unique to me. It's just takes a little bit of practice. And then I saw him starting to like, eat, seemed like he was gonna try and like pull his clothes off or something, but it looked like he was trying to wash himself or clean himself. So, he starts rubbing his legs and other stuff. And I get this idea, this intuitive sense that, Oh, he's trying to clean himself off. So, I go off and I run my hands down, his arms and his head and stuff and he like just kind of vigorously and he falls over and then I grab a towel and I rub him like he was just showered right. All over his body, just kinda rubbing, just so, so it feels like he just showered. And then I put the cloth over the top of his head. [13:06.4]

And he sits there, breathing very, very calmly. He finally opens his eyes, he looks at me and he goes, thank you. And then I grab him in and I just pull them into a big hug and I leave lenient and I speak into his ear. And I say, that was just one guy, that is not all guys. That was just one. And what he did has nothing to do with being a man. And then he melted a little bit, sat there for a bit and just kind of sobbed and then we finished and that was it. Now he got up and I saw one of the other guys go and talk to them and they talked about something. And then later on that night, the other guy pulls me into his room, and he says, look, I want to tell you something. Years ago, I used to be down in like the islands, Thailand, somewhere around there. And he was doing mission work. And they used to have these people that were possessive demons. And these demons were, would you know, affect them in really huge ways. We changed their behavior, all kinds of other stuff. So they would bring people in and they had families that had brought all kinds of people, Buddhists Taoists Hindus, you know, you name it, yogis, you name it. They brought in all kinds of people to smoke incense and calling other spirits to leave them out and all this other stuff. But none of it worked. [14:24.4]

He said, the only thing I ever saw work was when we would just cast them out in the name of Jesus, cast them out in the name of Jesus be gone, in the name of Jesus, be gone. I command you to depart. And then if we would do it, do it, do it until finally they would stop, and their eyes would change. And their personality would change after that. And it would finally be gone. He said, that's what happened. And he said, that's how it happened in my own experience. And he related a story of himself feeling like he had been possessed and he felt like he was trapped inside of his own body, that his body was being controlled by aliens. And that others had been casting the demons out. And these demons were pretending to be remorseful, just so they'd leave him alone, but they didn't stop. Didn't stop. And finally, the demons left, and he felt just completely empty void clear of it. So having had his experience he went up to this guy that I had done the work on and he'd asked him, what did it feel like? How did you know that the entity was really gone? [15:24.2]

Notice how a loaded a question that is, already assumed some things. But the other guy looked at him and he said, I just feel empty. It's gone. And so then this guy who was questioning me, looks at me and he said, that's exactly how I felt, but I didn't hear you use the name of Jesus. So, by what authority did you cast the demon out of him? Now, this question admittedly caught me by surprise because I was not casting demons out of anybody at all. I was simply doing what I knew how to do, and that was my answer to him. I said, w why do I need authority to do what I know how to do. It’s just me helping people. I didn't see a demon. The reality is, I perceived to no demon in the room, no evil spirit. I simply, felt a certain type of energy. I worked with it the way that I knew how to work with it. I saw a certain physical things, and I had some impressions about things to say. And I had no doubt that I could handle the situation cause I'd handled many more in more dire straits than that. So, it wasn't a big deal. And so, to have him sit there and say, by what authority, which ironically is only a question asked by the demons in the Bible when they challenged Jesus's authority. [16:31.4]

Funny. Anyway, I, it threw me for a loop for a second because I didn't expect the Question. And then I remembered my experience with the missionary and the disparity in language, how on one side, if all I see it as is a set of demons, and the only way to get rid of them is cast them out in the name of Jesus, then that's what I'm going to be looking for. But if on the other side, all I see are energies and physical tension patterns and breath patterns, and other types of things. And I just start to work with those and that's the way that it solves itself, then that's how it works. And maybe just, maybe we're talking about the exact same thing, we're doing the same work, but we just have a prejudice about the way we talk about it. And it really made me step back and think about how biased I had been in my life toward my way of explaining things. Even on this podcast, I have my way of explaining things and I'm certain I come across like my way is right. My way is the only way to think about it. [17:37.5]

But after those experiences, and that was earlier this year and really considering some things, it’s really become apparent to me that it doesn't matter which way you talk about something. What matters is whether or not it practically works for you. You see too often, we are caught in life trying to ask ourselves, well, is it right to do it this way? Is this right? Is that right? And that question misses the only data that can ever help you understand what to do because the only data is, did it work? Is it working? Right. And I mean not just temporarily long-term, so you've got to keep paying attention. See when we're saying, is it right? Or is it wrong? What we're asking is for permission to stop thinking about what we're doing and to just assume that our way is right, but Jesus didn't heal everybody the same way. He didn't walk up to everybody and anoint them all with mud on their eyeballs. Nope. There were people that he simply said, just get up and walk, pick up your own bed, dang it. [18:37.5]

There were people who were, he was like, sorry, your son's fine, I'm not even going to go see him. There were people who he just said, Hey, look, your sins have forgiven you. There were people who he did anoint their eyes by spinning in the ground and stuff. There were people who he said, you need to go and tell, you know, go to show yourself to the priest, and they were healed along the way. He did what was needed in a given situation to make sure that the person’s faith, their focus, their ability to let go in their own soul of what the ailment was, was activated. And that's the key to do what's needed so that the other person can finally let go of their own trauma. Now, this starts to talk and sound like everything's a placebo and on a certain level I would suggest that it is. There've been enough evidence to suggest that just mental changes we'll change body shape. I've seen it happen with this physical work and with some of the other psychological work. Body shape, facial features shape the way person walks the way a person moves, just shifting what's inside can do that. [19:37.1]

And sometimes in our society, we need physical work because it doesn't feel like they did anything if they just sat there with us. And so, we need them to do something so we can give ourselves permission to let go of it. That doesn't mean you don't set bones and other types of things, but maybe just, maybe we wouldn't need to if we really had “faith.” Now what faith is that's a totally different story and maybe that's, that's fit for another podcast episode. But I just want to step back and have you consider this. What, what is authority? Authority is permission I have given another person or another thing, power I've given them to have control over my wellbeing, my experience of life. If you believe another person has authority, then you will give them power to control the way you think, the way you act, the way you behave or the way you feel. If you believe that another thing has power or authority, then you will treat with a certain reverence and whatnot and they will control how you've, how you feel. If you feel like all of that authority and I mean, feel, not think, I mean, if you literally feel like all that power and authority is within you, then all the all you'll need to do is simply shift and all the things in your life will shift. [20:46.6]

So, the question by what authority is one that's asking, what language did you give the power to affect you? Because words only have the power that you give them. What language have you chosen to be the language that has power. What way of talking about that, is it science? Do you believe that science has all the power and authority? Is it religion, or can you step past the words and just look and see what works? Because there's a lot of different ways to explain all of your experiences in life, but none of the ways you explain them are those experiences. And life is far greater than any words you could put together about it. [21:23.0]

And that's it for todays “Alive and Free Podcast.” If you enjoyed this show and want some more freedom bombs landing in your ear buds, subscribe right now at wherever you get your podcasts from. And, while you're at it, give us a rating and a review. It'll help us keep delivering great stuff to you. Plus, it's just nice to be nice. [21:40.8]

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