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If your business isn't growing as you want, there's a tough truth you need to face: self-accountability.

It means taking responsibility for everything in your business, good or bad.

For example, it's YOUR fault if a bad hire didn't work out. Or if your business hasn't reached its financial goals, that's on you too.

It's not an easy truth to accept, but it's important.

Join us in this episode as we uncover common reasons entrepreneurs fail in the long run and how some trick themselves into thinking they're doing well.

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Show Highlights Include:

  • Watch out for these 5 common mistakes that every experienced business owner makes (2:41)
  • Are you a solopreneur with an ego problem? Here’s how you might be unknowingly keeping your business stuck financially (2:50)
  • An easy 2-step system to delegate any role in your business (Following this system will keep you free from bad hires that waste your money & run away with your clients) (5:04)
  • How to read 2 books a day while you’re mowing the lawn or pressure-washing for your clients (7:13)
  • Not growing as fast as you want? This “accountability” mistake might be holding you back (14:45)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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