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The FAA just released a new standard for pilots with a history of ADHD.

Guess what? It’s still as complicated as the previous one.

Most pilots try to navigate these complicated forms by themselves.

The risk of doing this?

The questions are designed to set you up for a trap.

If you answer one question incorrectly, you can kiss your pilot’s license goodbye.

In this episode, we discuss ways to navigate the new ADHD requirements by the FAA and how to fast track your application. Remember – the FAA isn’t on your side; they are trying to protect the public’s interest. One hint of falsification can get your pilot’s license suspended.

Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The new FAA ADHD requirement that’s making pilots nervous (2:20)
  • How these new tests for ADHD can make or break your career as a pilot (2:25)
  • Why the FAA and the AME secretly share your information (and how you can protect yourself) (3:10)
  • The 4 new prerequisites to get a medical certificate approved by the FAA (3:32)
  • Why only these two medical doctors can review and evaluate you for ADHD and get you flying again (4:16)
  • How to navigate the new FAA rules if you have a history with ADHD medication (4:56)
  • The dreaded “Section 18M” of the FAA medical application that’s causing pilots to lose their license (5:28)
  • Why a pilot must keep pristine ADHD medication records for at least 4 years (if they want to keep their license) (7:20)
  • How to prepare the ADHD documentation checklist to get the FAA off your back (7:32)
  • The “Falsification” strategy that the FAA uses to monitor Section 67.43 and set you up for a trap (13:28)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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