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Today, we’re tackling the FAA’s latest updates on medical certifications for conditions like uncomplicated anxiety, depression, and more. Discover how new rules may help pilots avoid deferrals and what legal protections you need to consider.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, The Ison Brothers sit down with James Onieal, founder of Raven Careers, to uncover the secrets of navigating career hurdles in aviation. From avoiding common application pitfalls to handling sensitive medical disclosures, James shares real-life stories and practical advice.… READ MORE

Welcome to “The Pilot Lawyer,” hosted by the Ison Brothers at Ison Law Firm. In today’s episode, we are joined by Jessica Cox, the first armless pilot in aviation history. Jessica, who flies using her feet, talks about her unique flying experiences and her role as a motivational speaker.… READ MORE

Fasten your seat belts for a journey through the eye of a legal storm with The Pilot Lawyer—your guide through the complex airspace of FAA regulations and substance dependence.
Today, we’re exploring how one’s past can cloud the future of pilot medical certification.… READ MORE

Today The Ison Brothers are setting their sights on the intersection of aviation and mental health. In this episode, they navigate the realities of FAA regulations and their impact on pilots’ lives, openly discussing the nuances of reporting mental health conditions, and the implications of potential policy reforms.… READ MORE

Today’s flight plan includes the crucial steps to transition from Special Issuance medicals to BasicMed. Join The Ison brothers as they maneuver through the regulations, detailing what pilots need to stay airborne without legal hiccups.… READ MORE

In this episode, we’ll navigate the stormy aftermath of a failed drug test on an aviator’s career. What does a brush with substance abuse mean for your FAA medical certification?
The Ison Brothers unpack the complexities of federal versus state substance legality, debate the risks and realities of rehabilitation, and reveal how a single test can alter an entire flight plan.… READ MORE

In the latest episode of “The Pilot Lawyer”, The Ison Brothers, Anthony and Alex Ison address an issue of paramount importance to pilots and aviation professionals alike: the necessity and timing for engaging with a HIMS AME.… READ MORE

In this episode, the Ison Brothers are navigating the often-overlooked complexities of FAA Color Vision Standards. Discover the critical role color vision plays in your pilot’s journey.
The Ison Brothers are here to guide you through the maze of medical exams and what it means for pilots dancing on the edge of color vision limitations.… READ MORE

Hi Aviators – in this week’s episode The Ison Brothers are tackling what feels like a minefield: staying on the right side of the FAA’s rules when it comes to substances and keeping your medical certificate clean.… READ MORE

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