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The FAA maintains a strong watch to uphold aviation rules, and for a good reason – they oversee public safety.

As a pilot, you understand the gravity of this trust.

But if you're grappling with recurring mental health conditions, the path to your medical certificate seems impossible.

Endless evaluations, draining your time and energy – it's frustrating.

Yet, there's a smoother route to get your medical certificate.

In this episode, we're honored to be joined by Dr. Bradshaw, a board-certified HIMS trained psychiatrist. Join us as he guides you through the intricate FAA examination process, offering you insights never heard before to navigate the FAA medical certification process.

Tune in now!

Show highlights include:

  • The hidden reason the FAA wants you to do psychiatric evaluation that they won’t tell you about (7:58)
  • Why this CogScreen test can stop you from flying (12:43)
  • The vital distinction between a HIMS Neuropsychologist and HIMS Psychiatrist that can save your flying career (15:06)
  • How taking the VA disability benefit will raise red flags to the FAA (18:02)
  • How having this mild case of anxiety can trigger a warning signal to the FAA (24:55)
  • The “Relapse” Risk that the FAA looks for in your application (33:31)
  • How to prepare and pass the HIMSS psychiatrist evaluation with ease (42:41)
  • The “disease model” that keeps you being screened by the FAA as a pilot (34:30)
  • Your crucial first step with the HIMS Psychiatrist and how It affects your flying journey (45:25)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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