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Got a couple of great questions from a reader in Turkey.

Burak asks,


“Hey Jonathan,

Two questions about your Podcast Mogul newsletter:

1. Do you ship to Turkey (where I live) via USPS? (Or you use FedEx like Ben Settle's newsletter?)

2. Do you offer a preview issue in PDF format? (Again, like getting the first issue of Email Players in PDF when you subscribe to Ben's list?)


My response:

I'm not sure what we use to deliver the newsletter, although I use the same company Ben uses. What I know is we ship worldwide at no extra cost and we have people receiving the newsletter in 9 countries including China with no trouble so far.

As for the free issue, I don't do that right now – maybe in the future.

Ben's newsletter is $97 per month which is probably why he can afford to do the FedEx and free sample. With my newsletter being less than $35 bucks the margins are too tight for Fed Ex right now.

If you want to hear what some people have said about the newsletter check out:




Shortly after sending him this response I received  notification that Burak joined my loyal band of Podcast Mogul's making it 10 countries we're read in.

I have a feeling he's gonna do really well since he's a fast action taker.

How about you?

Do you want to know how I use podcasts and boring old emails to bring in dough almost on demand?

I'm spilling the beans on my entire product launch sequence complete with swipe emails inside the next issue.

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Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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