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Want the inside scoop on how fashion editors discover new brands?

I’ve got you!

Sometimes editors feel impossible to reach because you put them on a pedestal.

They’re people just like you and me – and they use the internet to research brands.

I’m excited to introduce and welcome Angela Koh to the show today!

She’s the Market Editor for T, The New York Times Style Magazine. Angela covers jewelry, fashion, and accessories. As the editor, she’s editing pages, looking out for new designers to feature, and conceptualizing stories to tell through the magazine.

She’s sharing how she finds new brands, and a few tips on how to follow the Spring 2019 jewelry trends, too!

Let’s get started!

Get Connected with Editors

Easier said than done, you say? Angela shares that she looks on Instagram a lot to find the latest looks and designers in the jewelry industry.

Connecting with micro influencers is a great place to start building some credibility and exposure. From there, editors might notice you and reach out for a feature! How cool would that be! It all starts with getting connected – one person at a time.

Share Your Best Looks

If you’re convinced your jewelry is a perfect fit for a magazine or feature, send your lookbook. Long emails with lots of text won’t be noticed by an editor who doesn’t recognize your name.

Sending high quality photography and links to your lookbook (or lifestyle shots) helps them quickly get a feel for your aesthetic. This makes it easy for them to decide if you’re a fit!

NTFW Trends for Spring

Straight from fashion week – here are some trends you need to watch (and participate in!) for Spring 2019. It’s all about the 80’s this Spring, which I’m super pumped about.

There’s definitely a strong bohemian, natural, beachy vibe this Spring! All nature inspired jewelry is definitely in. Listen to the episode for full details on Spring 2019 fashion trends!

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

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