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flourish and thrive review

Reviews of Flourish & Thrive Live are in – it was a total hit!

Maybe you’re coming down off the NYC high, getting out of the jetlagged fog, or bummed because you missed it this year.

In any case, you’re gonna want to listen to these lessons learned from Flourish & Thrive Live 2018.

Hearing other people’s takeaways is powerful whether or not you attended the event.

Multiple perspectives on the same topic help you master the concept.

Here we go!

Do Work You Love, Hire the Rest

This is a big topic this year, especially because of everything new coming out on social media. There are probably 68 tasks you could do every single day in your business and still feel behind.

Guess what? Just because a task needs to be done, doesn’t mean it has to get done by you. Outsourcing seems like a dirty word, but it doesn’t mean having poorly made jewelry from China. It can look like hiring a virtual assistant, social media manager, or bookkeeper to take little tasks off your plate.

Get Creative with Pricing

Raising your prices is a simple way to grow your business without selling more jewelry. Yes, you need to have the brand and materials to justify this increase, but often time you’ll start working with your true dream clients. This was very clear during our live event because multiple designers shared that when they raised their prices, their sales increased!

Expensive things are perceived as more valuable, right? Think of luxury vehicles, handbags, and watches. You assume the more expensive one is better. The same is true for your jewelry, m’dear! Customers who truly value your work are happy to invest in your jewelry!

Strategic Influencers

Partnering with a micro influencer is a great way to grow your brand. This is someone with a following around 3k-10k. But you don’t have to choose the obvious fashion bloggers.

Get creative and think about influencers who show their hands, necks, ears, and wrists! So this might be a mom blogger who’s sharing pictures of changing diapers or holding hands with her kids. It could be an author who posts pictures of them writing or doing a book signing.

Think about how people wear your jewelry, not just the fact that it’s a fashion statement!

xo, Tracy


Special shout out to Nina Designs – the sponsor for this episode. Not only was Nina a panelist at our live event, her company helped sponsor it! She’s a big supporter of Flourish & Thrive Academy and we love partnering with a company that promotes sustainable practices in business.

Check out Nina Designs the next time you’re looking to add something extra special to your jewelry!


Game Plan Call – http://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/gameplancall

Nina Designs – http://www.flourishthriveacademy.com/gameplancall

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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