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It’s normal to question your business now and then.

I see this all the time when new designers join our community.

They say before joining us they were about to throw in the towel and close their business.

But then, they get a new-found passion for their business after being inspired by what other jewelry designers in our community are doing!

This is why I know there’s a difference between being frustrated because you’re uninspired or being frustrated because you’re in the wrong industry.

But how do you know?

On this week’s episode, I’m diving into all the ways you can determine if it’s time for another push of inspiration…or time to walk away.
Be Honest With Yourself
As a designer, you might feel obligated to love design or making. But along the way, you might discover new things in your business you really love.

When you’re clear on what you enjoy doing, that’s where you need to focus and build your team around that. You need to create space for the things you love instead of putting energy into everything you feel like you “have to” do.

Reignite Your Passion
Maybe you’re so deep into the business, you forgot why you started in the first place. You feel like you want to quit, but maybe you just need to find the passion that got you started!

It’s okay if the answer is no. Things change, and I’m no stranger to throwing in the towel when things just aren’t serving my passion anymore. I came back to jewelry design after a few years because I realized I really did have a true passion for it.

Embrace Change
You can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. That’s literally the definition of insanity. So you need to find new ways to expand, grow, and up-level your business.

This industry is always changing as people change the way they buy and what’s important to them! When you’re adapting to these changes, support is really important. Everyone struggles, but if you have someone there to encourage you it’s not as hard.

xo, Tracy


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Have a podcast in 30 days

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