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We’re coming to you live from Chicago!

I have the amazing Lisa Lehman here from Studio Jewel with me to talk about her very successful Facebook live sale!

The girl made $7,000 in just two hours using Facebook live, like, are you kidding me?

Seriously she’s awesome! She has been in our mastermind for a year and is all signed up for our SOS Accelerator as well.

We love Lisa, and I know you will too once you hear her story!

Listen now to hear all about how she did it.

It’s All About the Pregame

It’s super important to build up anticipation for your event! Social media is an awesome tool to create a buzz. Start posting well in advance and often! Make an event on Facebook and send out invitations. Seriously, people will love it and totally show up on the day of your live sale!

Send out emails! Your email list is another great way to get people excited for a live event. Listen now to get more awesome tips from Lisa for your email list!

Don’t Forget Friends and Family

I hear designers say all the time they want to move past selling to their friends and family. That’s great! However, friends and family can be a huge source of business. They will still show up to events and sometimes spend a ton of money.

Your friends will tell their friends! Make sure your friends and family know about the event. Posting on your personal Facebook can get friends and family engaged. More often than not they’ll totally want to share the deets with their friends too!

Have Fun With It

Going live can be a little scary, I get it! Just remember it’s supposed to be fun. You get to talk with your clients in real time which is so cool! Creating a fun environment will get people excited and allow you to have a stress free live event!

Lisa had her daughter model the pieces, which I think is so great! It adds a personal touch, plus she totally hammed it up and made it really exciting. Lisa also had the sale in her studio.

I think that’s so cool for clients, they get to see where you actually make all your amazing stuff!

These are just a few ways to keep your sale light and playful.

xo, Tracy

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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