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Let’s get personal.

It’s super easy to make cuts in your personal spending and that can totally help your business.

Everyone loves coffee but instead of going to Starbucks everyday try making your own drinks at home.

Saving a couple dollars here and there can lead to major bucks in the long run and will help you level up your business.

Let’s dive into today’s episode and discover more smart ways to invest in your biz!

Crunch Your Numbers

So, first things first analyze your numbers. I know, it sounds like the most basic thing but it will totally help. It’s so important to know what’s coming in and where it’s going.

Be really honest about your spending! You could be spending money on things you don’t really need without even realizing it.

Make More Money

I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done right? Well it doesn’t have to be! If you reach out to a couple more people that can mean more a couple more sales each month. Even a few more items each month can make a huge difference.

Think outside the box! Brainstorm different ways to sell your jewelry. Sometimes we’re only thinking about the same old ways of doing things. Maybe you’ve got a box of old inventory? Try running a live event or a special promotion to sell it! This will bring in a ton of cash flow and help get rid of stuff you don’t really need.

Invest In Yourself

When thinking about what to invest in always consider your return on investment. It might seem like a lot of money right now, but think about the big picture. How will this help you grow and really level up your business?

When you’re growing your own business, sometimes business investments are really investments in yourself and your personal growth!

I recently made the decision to move to a new apartment. I was really nervous and scared if I could actually make this happen.

But I knew having a new awesome space to create in would help me be the best I can be and in turn will totally help my business.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and invest in you!

xo, Tracy

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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