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Email inbox getting out of hand?

You’re not alone!

One way to connect with customers in a non-email way is setting up Facebook Messenger automatic replies…or bots!

Like robots.

Yes, we have arrived to the future of business and it’s filled with automation because time is so important!

But that doesn’t mean the days of personal experiences are ending…far from it.

Often times, it’s the brands that mix automation and personal connections that do the best!

You can make automation feel like a personal, individualized experience! You just gotta keep in mind the reason you’re setting it up in the first place…to build relationships.

I’m sharing the strategies, so all you gotta do is press play!

List Building with Bots

Getting people to read the messages you’re sending is a lot easier when you’re using these bots. Open rates with messenger bots are way higher than email opens!

Offering some sort of style guide they can get if they respond to a post, then linking it up with your messenger bot is all you need and you’re set! Listen to the episode to get more ideas!

Seamless Customer Support

Answering questions directly from your Facebook page, through messenger, is such a seamless way to connect with dream clients!

You only have a few seconds to make an impression on someone online, so this is a great way to do that! Set up a few FAQs maybe so your bot can field the questions you get all the time.

Broadcasting for Your Business

Signing up for your messenger bot guarantees the right people know about any sales, product releases, or offers in your business. Email is still a great way to do this, but you can’t beat having an instant message directly to someone’s pocket!

They’re sending the message immediately after someone visits your page or clicks on something, so you know they’re still paying attention.

It’s really just an easy strategy that takes things off your plate and gets new people interested in your brand on autopilot, which I always love!

I’m doing a training on messenger bots for our Diamond Insiders in a few weeks, that’s just one of many special perks you get if you join. Enrollment isn’t open now, but you can get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when we open enrollment again!

If you’re interested in learning more about online strategies like this right now, join me on Thursday for my free masterclass all about Strategies that Sell!

xo, Tracy


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