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“If you build it, they won’t come”

Maybe that’s not how you remember the quote from Field of Dreams, but you gotta remember this phrase when you’re thinking about your website!

Building a website without telling people to come take look around is like building a store without having a sign pointing to where it is!

Paid traffic to your website is like putting up a sign just around the block!

Kathleen Cutler, from kathleencutler.com, is here with me today, talking about how to get your digital billboard out there using paid traffic.

She’s amazing.

She has been such a great addition to our community and she’s a coach in our new SOS Accelerator program.

Press play to learn how to build the “roads” to your digital jewelry store!

Email is Your Best Salesperson – They Never Take a Day Off!

Setting up email blasts that send on their own is your best salesperson as an e-commerce jewelry business. You only need to put in the work one time to see results (aka sales!) come in again and again!

Abandoned cart funnels, sales funnels, and post purchase funnels are the best way to spend your time following up with people who have visited your website or seen an ad from you! Listen to the episode for Kathleen’s expert thoughts on getting subscribers and getting traffic!

Your Website is Your Jewelry Store

Simplify the way you think about your website, because it’s the exact same as a brick and mortar store. The buying experience is different, but the sales process is exactly the same!

People make buying decisions the same way they always have! They need to know about your store, have info about your products, and have a reason to buy something! Adding all of this to your online store through paid traffic, website copy, and email funnels gives you the best shot at boosting your sales.

The Difference Between ‘No’ and ‘Not Yet’

When’s the last time you put something in your online shopping cart and totally got distracted and didn’t buy it? Did you decide you didn’t want it or were you just not ready to make the purchase?

You probably were just busy and forgot! So don’t get discouraged if you see high bounce rates or items left in the cart. All you need to do is set up automated emails to capture their attention again and remind them to complete the sale!

Thinking of your website like a physical store is kinda brilliant, right? It makes it so much easier to come up with a good strategy!

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If you’re ready for the next step, check out our SOS Accelerator. Kathleen is one of the coaches, meaning you’d get 1:1 access to her brilliance!

I can’t wait to see how this Digital Marketing Momentum Series helps your online business! Share this with other designers you know who would benefit from this info!

xo, Tracy


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