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People always laugh when I tell them I talk more people out of podcasting than in to it.

But it's true.

This week alone I talked three people out of podcasting.

The first one was a copywriter launching his freelance business.

He thought podcasting would be a good way to build “KLT” in his market.

“KLT” stands for Know-Like-Trustability.

I told him to forget about a podcast and focus on getting results for his clients.

Nothing makes people trust and like you more than getting them a fat ROI on their investment with you.

The second was a couple who I found extremely interesting.

They have a large You Tube following with millions of downloads, hundreds of thousands subscribers, and tens of thousands of people on their eMail list.

I told them a podcast was a mistake.

Why? Because they had much bigger opportunities without all the extra work.

Like for instance – making sales by eMailing their list more.

But I don't always talk people out of podcasting.

Sometimes I know it's the best thing for you.

Take the last person I spoke to today.

They have a business doing millions in sales each year.

They're looking for a way to make calls easier for their sales team.

They want people showing up ready to invest.

These folks were perfect.

Their clients are worth $50k – $100k each.

For them, a podcast is exactly what they need to nurture their leads, indoctrinate them, and get them on sales calls ready to buy.

So of course I told them they needed a podcast.

And not just any kind of podcast.

A Direct Response Podcast™ that knocks out objections and puts people into a “buying frenzy” before they get on a sales call with you.


If you've got a high ticket offer that converts better with with smarter clients who have been educated before they talk to you,

We should hop on a call.

That's what me and my team at The Podcast Factory specialize in.

Book your call at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call

Talk at you later,
Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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