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After reading the Four Hour Workweek I began looking for people to do my work for me.

According to the book I should be able to hire people with PHD's in Rocket Surgery who live in other countries for a fraction of what it would cost me domestically.

Back then it was harder than it is today.

But if I could have scientist doing my work for me it was surely worth it, right?

You used to have to track down agencies in other countries, vet them, set up payment arrangements, and sign a contract to start working with them.

After all the pain of locating them and setting things up you finally got your new assistant.

Now you had someone to do all your wicked bidding.

The only problem was the people assigned to me weren't like the ones I read about in the book.

Remember them?

The ones that Tim told us have super human abilities to do all the stuff you didn't want to do.

All the stuff you don't know how to do.

They had some special mind reading abilities so you didn't even have to ask them for what you want – they just knew.

It was nothing like that.

It was a tough battle in the beginning.

Even though I invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours training people I still didn't get the results like the ones in the book.

But that's OK, because eventually I figured it out.

And nowadays our team spans far and wide from all corners of the earth who work together like a Swiss time piece to bring you all the shows at The Podcast Factory.

What made me think of this?

I was looking at the next Podcast Mogul newsletter where I show you the way I hire, fire, and keep contractors delivering each week without fail.

It's essential if you want to free yourself up from doing everything in your business.

Want to scale your business? You gotta be able to do this.

Want to take month long vacations? You gotta be able to do this.

It's all inside the next issue, subscribe today at http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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