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We’re back for part two of an extra-special client panel episode where Tory and Kevin answer your questions and share their stories and success secrets from being members of the Client Kit ™ mentoring program.

If you missed part one, click here to go straight there and get up to speed.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– The mechanics of how Client Kit ™ actually works – from a clients’ perspective (0:50)

– The number ONE silliest question in the world (5:40)

– Client Truth: How long it actually takes to achieve life-changing results in Client Kit ™ (7:45)

– How to engineer an unbeatable done-for-you offer that serves your clients at the absolute highest level and positions you miles above every other expert out there (10:15)

– How to catapult yourself forward…when you don’t have a business OR any clients (12:45)

– How to systematically break down and destroy your ego faster than anything else (17:15)

– A massively misunderstood fact about ‘successful’ online coaches that nobody understands…and how you can avoid getting royally ripped off! (19:50)


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