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This is not your usual Smartest Guys in Marketing ™ episode. Today is an extra special podcast episode from a recent live stream with a client panel of two very fabulous business owners; Tory & Kevin.

They crack open their stories, take questions asked by viewers, and share their success secrets from being in Client Kit ™. We’re going freestyle with this one and getting you some sustenance for your hungry soul!

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– How Tory generated a whopping $75,000 of sales…in TWO days (3:20)

– One thing you must avoid like the plague if you want your business to succeed (8:30)

– How to collapse time and get infinitely faster results in anything you set your mind to (9:45)

– Riding the wave of excitement and feeling the pain of discomfort to level up (10:30)

– Is your family holding you hostage? If you want to take care of your family financially, here’s what you MUST focus on every single day (20:00)


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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