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We all have a relationship with our money, but while a small minority of people treat their bank account like a trusted friend, most people view it with guilt, fear, and anxiety. One of the best ways to improve your relationship with money is the same way you’d go about improving any relationship – with love.

It’s impossible to enjoy a good relationship with money and create the impact you want unless you’re willing to love it.

In this episode, Chris and Taylor share some of their biggest insights into how you can cultivate a healthier relationship with money to DRASTICALLY increase your income and create the impact you want.

Here Are Show Highlights:

– How to change the money mindset that could be keeping you broke (2:50)
– Getting Rich With Generosity: Is ‘giving’ the key to wealth and abundance? (6:20)
– The real reason you need to be concerned with money (7:30)
– Why you may have a poor person’s mindset…and not even know it (8:40)
– Do you even deserve to be wealthy? (12:50)
– Decoded: Jay-Z’s surprising secret to success (14:25)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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